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Tweakwise is a software designed specifically to help eCommerce managers get the most out of their online store.


Tweakwise improves search, filter and the navigation of e-commerce platforms and at the same time the understanding of this process for the eCommerce manager. Tweakwise optimizes, automates and informs. This solution is a market leader in the field of merchandising, recommendations and personalization in Benelux. Tweakwise annually handles more than 1 billion in consumer sales.

This SaaS product is already being used by three hundred leading eCommerce parties for hundreds of their online platforms, as well as apps for multi shops. Some Tweakwise customers include Girav, Lucardi, Noppies, Score, Travelbags, Kamera Express, Amac, Beter Bed, fonQ, Kees Smit, Hallmark, Plus en Just Eat Takeaway.

Advantages of Tweakwise

  • Optimizing Almost all online store visitors use the search box to navigate and filter through product options. Optimizing these options as well as generating product impressions and grading them, significantly increases conversion capability. Tweakwise ensures easy operation with an accessible and user-friendly dashboard. Customers using Tweakwise can expect to achieve conversion improvements of 15% to 30%.

  • Merchandising The Tweakwise dashboard can be automated to display the stock of products which are selling well or for instance, products which are currently on sale. With a trend module, for example, products or product categories can to be pushed based on “weather trends” or “holidays trends” which are relevant at the time.

  • Innovation Tweakwise was launched in 2012 based on the requirements of the large eCommerce parties Fonq, Kijkshop and Hans Anders. Customers themselves, still, have a significant impact in the next innovative step. Behind Tweakwise is a team of specialists ready to provide support whenever needed, however the team is also constantly working on further developments and improvements.

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