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Snapchat is a mobile messaging application used to share photos, videos, text, and drawings that disappear after a short amount of time. Since its launch in 2011, the app has evolved allowing advertisers to show ad-supported short-form content. In 2018, Snapchat estimated their daily active users as 187 million.


Advertise your products on Snapchat

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app used globally. Users can take a picture with their phone, select recipients from their contacts, customize the image and decide how long they want the message to be visible for. The messages’ temporary nature is the one feature that makes Snapchat different from other messaging apps. Advertising on Snapchat requires the use of Snapchat Ads. There are various types of advertising including small videos that will appear between Stories or filters with logos and much more. Within the interface they are called Snap Ads, Collection Ads, Filters, Product Ads and Story Ads.

Advantages of advertising with Snapchat Ads

  • Mobile video advertising Snapchat offers an innovative type of advertising for mobile. The app is at the frontier of mobile video advertising.

  • Unique audience Benefit from a unique audience. The audience is very young, and is sometimes referred to as millennials or gen-z.

  • Precise targeting Precisely target your audience and limit the budget you are willing to spend through Snapchat Ads Manager.

  • Retargeting Retarget Snapchatters who have already seen your ads or engaged with your business.

Where are my ads displayed with Snapchat Ads

You need to create a business account to launch ads on Snapchat. Your business account will give you access to the Snapchat Ads Manager. Then, you’ll have to upload your items with a product feed into your Snapchat business profile catalog. With Channable you can create a Snapchat CSV that contains all the data about the products you want to advertise. In the Snapchat Ad Manager, you will be able to modify and create unique ads, select your target audience and set up your budget.

Snapchat ads offers different options for where to place your ads and this can be set up in the placement options. You can decide to publish it everywhere on the app (Publisher Stories, Snapchat Stories, Shows, and User Stories) or filter based on context and exclude or select exactly where the ad will be shown.

You can also create Product Ads. Product Ads are shoppable formats designed to showcase the products, services, or experiences you sell online. They can be in different formats such as Story Ads, Snap Ads and Collection Ads.

Snapchat Products ads with Channable

  • Collection Ad: A main ad, called “Top Snap”, with four tappable tiles to feature products.

  • Snap Ad: Snap Ad offers the magic of sight, sound, and motion in a format truly made for mobile. Snap Ads begin with an up to 10-second vertical video, and then offer the option to add an interactive element one swipe away.

  • Story Ad: Story Ads allow advertisers to reach consumers by placing a branded tile in Snapchat’s Discover section that opens into a collection of 3 - 20 Snap Ads.

Snapchat Ads templates

Template to create your product ad

Collection ads from Snapchat

Example of Collection ads

Other types Snapchat ads are Lenses (Lenses are a way to transform the world around you using the Snapchat camera) and Filters (Filters are artistic overlays that appear when you take a Snap and swipe left or right). They are used more to build brand awareness.

Advertise with Snapchat Ads with Channable

  1. Create a Channable account Creating an account takes seconds, just sign up with your name and email address.

  2. Import your product feed The Channable tool supports CSV, XML, Google Spreadsheets and Text files. In addition, 3rd party connections to eCommerce platforms are also available. Just select the method you would like to import your product feed with. If you have a different type of file, don’t worry, just contact us and we’ll arrange something.

  3. Add a Snapchat feed In order to advertise your products on Snapchat, first you have to add Snapchat as a channel. Don’t worry it’s very easy! To do that just head over to the ‘Feeds’ tab and click on ‘add new feed’. No need to categorize your products for Snapchat.

  4. Create rules to optimize your ads for Snapchat After you have added Snapchat as a feed, the next step involves creating rules to optimize your feed for the best results possible. This involves using our IF THEN statements, which we designed to simplify this step. Use these rules to create the perfect feed. You can do almost anything, for instance, excluding the products that are out of stock so they will not show up online and much more.

  5. Finalize The ‘Finalize’ step of the optimization is designed so that you can look over the data fields that should be filled and select the info that should occupy each field. This feature really helps with customizing and creating the best product feed for Snapchat. After you have completed all the steps just press ‘run now’. After activating the feed, you can copy the optimized feed as a URL from the ‘Preview’ step and upload it into your Snapchat business profile.

  6. Start earning & celebrate your success Set up your goals and ads in Snapchat Ad manager and monitor your performance with it!

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