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Scoupz has been active since 2011 and has since then developed into a full comparison. In January 2015, we presented ourselves to the public at the WebWinkel Vakdagen. From that moment on, there are more than 300 stores connected and we have a growing number of visitors each month.


Scoupz distinguishes itself from other sites by working with a fixed monthly fee, depending on the package chosen. We offer a choice of 5 packages. A package for every type of shop and every budget. In addition to the monthly fixed package we do not charge any setup fees or additional CPC or CPS costs. At Scoupz you always know what you are investing on your monthly marketing costs.

Scoupz benefits at a glance:

  • Increase the reach of your webshop with Scoupz.

  • Scoupz works with a fixed monthly fee, no CPC or CPS models.

  • Generate more leads and exposure for your webshop through automatic product reading by Scoupz

  • Importing products is fully automated and is done every 24 hours, also you can just login and the prices of your products will update immediately!

  • Signing up is easy and within 7 days you will be already online!

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