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Le Dénicheur is a comparison shopping engine which launched in 2000 and is currently Sweden’s largest comparison shopping platform. Le Dénicheur is the version of Prisjakt for France. The platform enables millions of customers each month to compare products and prices from numerous categories and types. The platform has been awarded 3 years in a row 12’,13’ and14’ the best comparison platform by Internetworld.


With Channable you can create a Le Dénicheur feed in just a few minutes. We have all the channels requirements need for building your product feed. All you have to do is setup your feed and all you future product changes will be automatically updated by Channable, enabling you to always provide up to date product information to Le Dénicheur.

Benefits of Le Dénicheur

  • Reach millions of ready to buy customer

  • Increase the visibility and sales of your products

  • Automated stock adjustment

  • Quick product integration

Where are my products displayed on Le Dénicheur?

Products on Le Dénicheur are placed in numerous categories which allow clients to find just the products they are looking for. Product titles and price are displayed with additional information available once the product is clicked on. The merchant sites are displayed below allowing customers to purchase from the merchant they find most suitable. Each merchant is rated which also encourages buyers to purchase from your shop.

How do I display my products on Le Dénicheur?

  1. Create a Channable account Creating an account for our tool will only takes a few seconds. Fill in your name and email address and you can get started!

  2. Import your source feed The Channable platform supports XML, CSV, Text and Google Spreadsheets. Select the type of file you would like to import from the options provided. If the file type you are currently working with is not yet listed, let us know and we will look for an alternative way to upload your product feed.

  3. Add Le Dénicheur as a feed To export your product range, you will first need to add Le Dénicheur as a feed. Do not worry, this is easily done! Just navigate to the tab which is labeled ‘Feeds’ and then click ‘Add new feed’. Here, select the channel ‘Le Dénicheur’, and just like that, you’re one step further.

  4. Creating business rules Once you created the channel Le Dénicheur, the next step is to add rules to optimize your feed. This can be done with our IF-THEN statements, which are extremely powerful and yet so easy. With these rules, you can set up actions which allow you to filter and send the products that you truly want to advertise on Le Dénicheur. Additionally, you can fully optimize your product data, prior to exporting it, for increased performance.

  5. Finalize The Finalize step of the optimization process is designed to connect your own import fields to the fields of the export channel. In this step you will see a list of mandatory, required and recommended fields of the sales platform. By linking your own fields to the export channel fields, you’re sure to provide all the proper product data. After the ‘Finalize’ step has been completed, you will only need to click the “run now” button in your channel list, and your product offerings will be automatically sent.

  6. Celebrate your success Enjoy your sales increase!

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