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CCVShop eCommerce is the all-in-one cloud based solution to get your business online. Versatile webshop templates and the great amount of integrations can drastically kick start the online presence of your business. Furthermore, CCVShop has implemented a great order process, where clients can create personal accounts, which allows them to speed up future order placements and payments. Alongside the client accounts, CCVShop gives you the opportunity to propose great discounts to your clients. You can, for instance, give daily discount offers or target specific customer groups, maximizing your sale opportunities.

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Channable has a direct connection with CCVShop, which enables you to import your CCVShop shopping feed in a matter of minutes. With Channable you can optimize your CCVShop feed for all the marketplaces, shopping engines and affiliates you would like to sell your products on. The Channable feed management platform gives you access and the ability to adjust your product feed data for each and every individual advertising platform for optimal results. With Channable’s CCVShop API connection all of your product information will automatically be synchronized on both platforms, ensuring that only up to date and relevant information is being offered to the customers.

Advantages of the CCVShop direct connection

  • Fast and easy imports Connecting your CCVShop account with Channable will allow you to import your entire product feed with just a few mouse clicks.

  • Inventory synchronization Inventory changes in CCVShop are automatically updated within Channable and on the export channels you are using. As soon as an item is no longer in stock, the ads for this product will be automatically removed, until the product comes back in stock.

  • Hundreds of channels to choose from Channable offers hundreds of channels to choose from for all your products. Channel specific market insights allow you to choose the best fitting channel for your products, maximizing your sales by targeting ready to buy customers.

  • Free Support At Channable we believe in helping our clients in every step of the way. Our dedicated support team is here to assist you with all problems and concerns 5 days a week.

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