Streamline Your Business with Channable: Integrate with Blokker Connect!

In the dynamic world of eCommerce, reaching out to new markets and expanding your customer base is essential for growth. Blokker Connect! offers a unique opportunity to tap into the Dutch consumer market, with millions of visitors to their websites every month.


If you're looking to integrate with Blokker Connect!, Channable provides the perfect solution. Let's delve into how Channable can streamline your business and help you make the most of selling on Blokker Connect!.

Introduction to integrating with Blokker Connect! marketplace

Overview of Blokker Connect! as a marketplace
Blokker Connect! is a leading marketplace in the Netherlands, offering sellers the chance to showcase their products to millions of Dutch consumers.

Connecting with Blokker Connect! opens up new avenues for your business, allowing you to reach a wider audience and increase sales.

Channable serves as the bridge between your online shop and the Blokker Connect! marketplace, simplifying the integration process and enabling seamless synchronization of your product catalog and orders.

Automatic connection with Blokker Connect!

Blokker Connect! boasts millions of active customers and offers a diverse range of products across various categories, making it an ideal platform for sellers to expand business.

By integrating with Blokker Connect! through Channable, you can streamline your operations and significantly reduce manual work, allowing you to focus on scaling your business efficiently.

Channable's integration with Blokker Connect! automates the listing process and provides real-time stock information, enabling you to manage your inventory more effectively.

Benefits of integrating with Blokker Connect!

Present your brand to millions of customers
Integrating with Blokker Connect! gives you access to a vast customer base, providing ample opportunities to showcase your brand and increase visibility.

Sales opportunities in over 20 categories
With Blokker Connect!'s extensive range of categories, you can explore new avenues for sales and expand your product offerings to cater to a diverse audience.

Generate additional sales through Blokker Connect!
Integrating with Blokker Connect! opens up new revenue streams, allowing you to generate additional sales and maximize your business potential.

Benefit from continuous development and investment in the eCommerce platform
Blokker Connect! is committed to continuous development and investment in its eCommerce platform, ensuring that sellers have access to the latest tools and features to enhance their selling experience.

Onboarding process for Blokker Connect!

Blokker Connect! has a selective policy for adding new third-party sellers to its platform, ensuring that only sellers with relevant products and excellent service standards are onboarded.

Criteria for selecting external sellers
Blokker Connect! looks for partners who can deliver quickly and reliably to consumers, provide excellent customer service, and demonstrate the potential for growth in a dynamic omnichannel environment.

Efficient delivery and reliable service are crucial for success on Blokker Connect!, as they contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Blokker Connect! prioritizes sellers who can provide excellent customer service, as this enhances the overall shopping experience and fosters trust between sellers and customers.

Blokker Connect! values partners who can adapt to the evolving landscape of eCommerce and embrace the opportunities offered by omnichannel selling.

All in all, integrating with Blokker Connect! through Channable offers many benefits for sellers, including increased visibility, access to a vast customer base, and streamlined operations via automation and rules.

By leveraging the power of Channable, you can maximize your selling potential and take your business to new heights on Blokker Connect!.

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