V-Day is not only for lovers [infographic]

January 15, 2020

Channable can help you to prepare your online shop just in time for the next big date in eCommerce: Valentine's Day! Don’t think Valentine’s Day is relevant for you? It’s time to reconsider and see how you can boost your V-Day sales.

V-Day is not only for lovers [infographic]

Valentine’s Day has surpassed Easter as the biggest eCommerce event in the beginning of the calendar year. And it is still growing in importance – especially for online marketing. The perfect V-Day purchase in 2020 will be made last-minute but it will have a personal touch. Catering to such a dynamic, heartfelt market is no problem with data feed management and PPC automation. Learn how to equip your online shop and lead the way towards the perfect Valentine’s experience for your customers.

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Senni Whitaker
Marketing UK

Senni is responsible for the UK marketing at Channable. In her role she
writes a lot of content in the field of e-commerce and online marketing.