HR and Recruitment

Increase your visibility and target the right candidates for your business by optimizing your feed-based multi-job postings through dynamic, relevant, and automated ad listings.

Create all your job listings automatically

Managing people is complicated. But multi posting software should not be. With Channable, it's simple to create campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords for all your job listings. Take advantage of Channable´s PPC tool to generate thousands of individual job listings. Even utilize the option to add sitelinks to increase visibility as well as making sure that your ads always contain the most relevant information.

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Automatically update your job listings

Keeping your job listings up-to-date can be very time-consuming. Especially when new positions frequently open and close. However, with Channable you never have to address this situation manually. Using Channable you can set up powerful rules that automatically enable or disable job listings based on information from your feed.

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Create HR XMLs and other feeds

Give your job listings a better chance to convert more applicants. Take advantage of the many built-in job boards, affiliate, and social network integrations to reach interested people. Connect to Indeed,, Heyjobs or use retargetting networks like Criteo, Awin, Instagram, and many other channels. Just connect your HR XML feed directly to Channable and set up your feeds quick and easy.

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6,500+ companies use Channable for growth

Thanks to Channable, we no longer rely on expensive, inflexible multiposting providers.

Bastian Lehmkuhl

HR Digital Performance Manager @ Deutsche Bahn