Key trends in e-commerce and digital marketing for 2022-2025: How to create impactful ad campaigns


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Every advertiser who wants to survive in today’s competitive environment is in pursuit of one thing – reaching customers at the right time, on the right channel, with the right message. In this e-book, we’ve gathered all the key insights from 14 marketing leaders to help you make better decisions and create a winning online marketing strategy.

Read on to discover how PPC, marketplaces, and social commerce are evolving in the next few years and how they will impact the way you advertise and engage with your audience.

Learn from our contributors including:

  • Antonio Vázquez, DCO Specialist at Arena Media
  • Elena Ferreras, Paid Media Manager at Wink
  • Rafael Lojo, Operations Manager at Tandem Up
  • Dirk Melief, Director Digital & Data Marketing at Artefact
  • Ricardo Riemslag, PPC Director at Dentsu
  • Timo Fleer, Chief Innovation Officer at ZEO
  • Scott Beveridge, Founder at ClickBoost
  • Johann Lucas, Business Developer at Feed Manager
  • Valentin Quelard, Chief Operating Officer at Qwamplify
  • Matthieu Baldeck, Co-Founder at Stride Up
  • Roman Braun, Team Lead Digital Advertising at Dreifive
  • Henry Mäkelä, Co-Founder at Bluebird
  • Alvise Corba, Senior Advertising Manager at Filoblu
  • Andrew Lolk, Founder at SavvyRevenue

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