Why you should consider using Bing Ads

May 19, 2021

AdWords, or soon-to-be Google Ads, is so widely used for paid search advertising that this Google product doesn’t even have to be introduced anymore, but have you ever considered Bing Ads? Even if Google is the most popular search engine, Bing comes in second in terms of online search volume worldwide. Channable wants to share with you why you should give Bing Ads a chance and how to do it best, thanks to Channable’s new feature.


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Why you should consider using Bing Ads

Bing may be responsible for a modest7.24% of the share from the search engine market in the UK. But at the beginning of 2018 the search engine platform was counting, on average, 6 billion monthly searches. Therefore, there is no need for us to explain why there is definitely huge potential in using Bing Ads to reach your customers. Before telling you how to master Bing Ads and explaining to you how Channable can rock your Bing Ads, here is a little bit more insight into the service.

What are Bing Ads?

Bing Ads is essentially Microsoft’s version of Google AdWords. Similar to AdWords, Bing Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system. It is part of the web search engine called Bing. Signing up to Bing Ads is free, you’ll pay only when someone clicks on your Text Ads. As Bing says: “no click, no charge”.

Text Ads

Once you’ve created your Text Ads in Bing, they will appear on the top or to the right of Bing, Yahoo, and MSN search results.

How a text ad appears on Bing.

Your ad position will be determined by different factors such as how high your bid is compared to your bidding competitors, your click-through rate or how closely your ad and website fit with the keyword. Similarly to AdWords, you can target your ads to geographic locations, times or days of the week, etc.

Product listing Ads

Again, similar to Google, you can create Bing Shopping ads and use Shopping Campaigns to organize, manage, and bid for your Product Ads. Like with the Google Merchant Center, the Bing Merchant Center allows you to create Product Ads for each of your items. Product Ads showcase your items in a larger format with images, text, pricing, etc. Don’t mistake them with Text Ads (see the above picture for an example).

How a Product Ad will appear on Bing.

Why should you use Bing Ads?

Of course, you don’t tell someone to “Bing” something but rather “Google” it. However, there are still good reasons for you to start using Bing Ads:

  • Bing Ads can connect you to millions of internet users that are NOT using Google.

  • The competition is lower than AdWords and therefore Bing Ads is known to be “cheaper” than AdWords.

  • If you're already using Google Adwords, you can easily sync your campaigns to Bing Ads, but this comes with constraints*.
  • Imagine you want to create a specific campaign for Bing, this option will prevent you from it. But if you are using Channable and our SEA tool, you can copy your ads’ templates to the Bing Ads generator and still manage your ads specifically for Bing exactly as you want them to be.

Bing Ads within Channable

Maybe you already know that Channable has a special SEA tool that enables you to create thousands of dynamic ads for AdWords based on the information in your product feed. Therefore we thought, why not offer a similar feature for Bing Ads!
Here a handful of reasons why it’s a good idea to use a tool like Channable to create your Bing Ads:

  • The SEA tool is very intuitive and user friendly, which helps you to create your campaigns effortlessly.

  • Automatically create thousands of customized Bing Ads based on your feed with the ad template.

  • Everything will be updated automatically: Channable retrieves all new information from your feed daily or even up till every hour and updates your ads accordingly.

  • New items are automatically added, into the right campaign and ad group, and with the correct advertisement.

  • You decide which (dynamic) attributes you’d like to use in your text ad (i.e fluctuating price, brand, title or stock).

  • Create your own A/B testing template: generate different ad templates for your items in just a few clicks to see which ad performs better.

In Channable, there are two ways to easily generate your Bing campaigns.

1) As mentioned above, you can copy rules and templates from Channable’s AdWords generators into your Bing Ads generators. After that, you can fine-tune the ads for Bing, within Channable, in anyway you like.

Bing Ads Channable
Push thousands of custom ads for all of your items to Bing.

2) Generate your campaigns for Bing from scratch, based on the feed containing all your items’ information. The first step in creating ads is selecting the level on which you want your campaigns to be generated (i.e. brand level - would create a campaign for every brand in your feed). The next step is to simply construct your Bing ad groups, ads, keywords and negative keywords. Channable’s Bing ads generators and templates make advertising with Bing simple and easy to implement.

So, if you already know how the SEA tool works within Channable you can get started right away! If you don’t have yet a Channable account, sign up here. If you do, contact us to enable the Bing feature for you and start setting up your Bing campaigns, as it works pretty much in the same way! Awesome, right?

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