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All our webinars in one clear overview

October 05, 2017

Are you curious about the upcoming webinars? Or did you miss one and want to watch it on demand? Take a look below!

All our webinars in one clear overview

Upcoming webinars

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Previous webinars (now available on demand)

Top 7 reasons why Google Shopping feeds fail and how to fix them! 

Channable and Store Growers have joined forces in this exclusive knowledge session. To share the top 7 reasons why Google Shopping feeds fail and how you can fix them based on experience and successful examples.

Text Ads Feature 

In this webinar, we’ll show you the possibilities of Channable’s text ads feature. It can be used to create dynamic campaigns, ad groups, text ads and keywords for Google AdWords (and soon Bing).


  • Setting up ad generators
  • Setting up dynamic campaigns and ad groups
  • Using business rules
  • Building ad templates (and backup templates)
  • Using of ad customizers & keyword insertion
  • Targeting and tracking options
  • Future development of the feature

Basics of feed marketing

In this webinar, we will tell you all about the basics of feed marketing, and we will give you an introduction of the tool.

The webinar will cover these topics:

  • The tool in a nutshell
  • How to import your data? Easy!
  • How to setup your feeds? Even easier!
  • How to setup your marketplaces? See above.

You can watch our Dutch and German webinars here.

Written by Lisa van Ginkel
Marketing Benelux