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Streamlined solutions key for design expert Nordic Nest

November 19, 2021

Channable’s streamlined solutions have added huge value to Nordic Nest’s operations without over-complicating things - exactly what the design expert needed to take their goals to the next level: flawless customer service and spreading a touch of Scandinavian style around the world. Nordic Nest has boosted their marketing efficiency with Channable’s intuitive easy-to-use solution that has helped them overcome their product feed and customisation challenges. Channable has been a key player in helping Nordic Nest take their operations to the next level.

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Streamlined solutions key for design expert Nordic Nest

Nordic Nest started in 2003 as two brands - Scandinavian Design Center and These two companies merged to form Nordic Nest in 2019. The company stocks a wide range of Scandinavian products on their website so their customers can add a splash of Nordic style to their homes, no matter where they are.

Nordic Nest’s roots are still very much in Sweden with their headquarters in Kalmar in the south of the country and they’ve had a clear ambition from the very beginning – to combine their deep knowledge of Scandinavian lifestyle and design with the world’s best customer service. Channable has given this company the tools it needed – helping to streamline operations and achieve their goals.

Channable delivers where it matters – product feeds

Nordic Nest has always employed talented and driven people. But they realised that no matter how good their tech team was, they needed a targeted solution when it came to optimising their product feeds. They simply didn’t have the opportunity to prioritise the product feeds to the extent that was necessary.

Tailoring the product feeds to each channel and its possibilities was a massive challenge for the company, resulting in a technical backlog. It was a barrier they needed help to overcome.

Nordic Nest’s huge reach and wide customer base complicated matters further - they needed customisations for ten different websites and seventy different countries so they were crying out for versatile and effective solutions, delivered quickly.

Image: from Nordic Nest

The power of a streamlined solution

Robin Ålander (Site Optimisation Lead at Nordic Nest) shared:

Our goal is to create the world’s best customer experience and reach the right person, at the right time, with the right product. Channable has made it a lot easier to overcome the obstacles we’ve faced in reaching this goal.

Nordic Nest needed a tailored solution, similar to ones Channable has been so successful in offering to other major companies: a range of highly effective features for optimising and customising product feeds.

Channable’s input allowed the company to meet their needs for a wide range of pressing issues including merging of several data sources and setting up rules and customisations. What is more, Nordic Nest gained all of this functionality without having to pay for features they weren’t going to use – that’s the beauty of Channable.

After trialing Channable via a free demo Nordic Nest were impressed with Channable’s flexibility and ease of use.

Robin told us:

We were able to set everything up for ourselves as the tool is so straightforward. They also received the help they needed from Channable’s customer service department which made the setup even smoother: when we needed help with answering questions the account manager was able to answer all our queries.

Marketing efficiency gets a real boost

Channable has helped Nordic Nest reach new customers and increase their revenue by +100%, without increasing their costs, allowing them to maintain a low CPS (cost-per-sale). Nordic Nest can now test new ideas with an impressively short launch window and optimise a range of different areas at the same time.

The marketing department has increased their efficiency dramatically, as reported by Robin: “an idea for optimising a feed for a certain channel goes from idea to production in a matter of minutes instead of weeks.”

Nowadays, Nordic Nest uses Channable for all their product feed channels from Google Shopping to price comparison websites and affiliate networks.

Optimisation, optimisation, optimisation

Nordic Nest is continuing its Channable journey with a strong continued focus on optimisation, adding more data sources and continuing to master the rule builder. With results like these, Channable’s streamlined solutions are an obvious choice!

Channable’s customers are the ones who can really testify to the power of simplicity, and Robin puts it best: “powerful functionality…without paying for features that we will never use”.

Jacob JørgensenTeam Lead Country Marketing

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