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Ecommerce ads provides a one stop solution to scale up a business in 50+ countries

August 25, 2023

When you decide to sell in different countries around the world, applying changes to each of them can become a real challenge. This is the case of this client, a company that operates in the automation sector and sells in more than 56 countries. With over 6.8M products sold and a turnover of 89M euros (December 2022), this business continues to grow year after year.

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Ecommerce ads provides a one stop solution to scale up a business in 50+ countries

Channable and Ecommerceads have worked together to help a client in its mission. This client is able to comfortably manage marketing campaigns all over the world with a single solution, specially developed for cases like this. With an intelligent, dynamic, and customizable solution, this company can now manage its catalog and marketing aspect based on the country it addresses, as well as having a complete and optimized feed.

This use case shows a client who is an e-commerce powerhouse specializing in industrial automation; having established a strong presence since January 2018, the company's extensive product portfolio of over 6.8 million items now reaches over 56 countries. The company recorded significant sales of €89 million in December 2022. Google has emerged as a major traffic driver, driving growth with monthly ad spending topping €800,000.

This client works with collaborators in 15 countries across Europe, America, and Australia. Its remarkable business expansion has led to partnerships with warehouses in various global locations, thus meeting the substantial daily component demands of the most important companies in the industrial sector. This international network addresses daily requests and underscores the client's pivotal role in the industry.

Apply changes quickly, country by country

One of the main challenges to face for such a large business concerns the possibility of applying changes to the various products in a rapid and scalable way. There are some ways to scale a business efficiently, and Channable's technical team has made this possible through the MASTER->SLAVE concept. Presently, a project referred to as "MASTER" exists, equipped with 2 master rules. These rules oversee modifications across all projects categorized as "INHERITED," facilitated through a custom-developed script.

Combine data

It's not always easy to collect all the data on a particular product, especially when you scale a business to sell to various parts of the world. There are many sources from which information about a product can come, and Channable was faced with quite a puzzle to solve.

The answer was the "Combine Imports" feature. Thanks to this feature, the client can obtain product data from the most relevant sources (Google Sheets, Covery, Warehouse) to analyze and optimize campaigns.

Now, using Channable for feed management, the client will have all the data it needs to make decisions related to the various products in a faster and more decisive way, without losing a single detail.

When insights are the key

Every nation is different, in all fields. From economy to culture, each country is unique in its own way. This is why the various countries where their client has decided to operate cannot be treated in the same way. What this business needed was a way to personalize, country by country, the various product advertising campaigns.

And this is where one of Channable's strengths comes into play, essential for those who scale a business. The Channable Insights module reads all the product performance data from Google Ads and sets up campaigns based on the real performance of the products, in order to value them in their advertisements.

Furthermore, Convery was involved. It’s a tool created by Ecommerceads to analyze data traffic, conversions, and many other aspects related to e-commerce. By interacting with Convery, a custom backup of the feed was created, and provided a URL to combine all of this into one feed, right on Channable.

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From now to the future

Now Channable is an integral pillar of their business strategy, organically integrated into a clear technological system aimed at ensuring the solidity of business operations.
In symbiosis with other technological solutions, the use of Channable allows the client to successfully face the challenges of scalability and automate around 70% of the activities required on a daily basis.
This is particularly important given the high number of processed products, which cannot be handled manually.

In this context, Channable has emerged as a key support that allows the client to optimize operations and focus resources on high-value-added activities while ensuring efficiency and consistency in daily operations.

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