December 2022 offer

Squarespace & eBay

Are you a Squarespace user? Have you thought about selling on eBay? If both answers are yes, then we have a special promotion for you: You can use Channable for FREE for the first 3 months!*

ebay squarespace promotion

How can I get this promotion?

01-Sign partner agreement Channable

Sign up with Channable

Optimize inventory channable icon

Import your data from Squarespace

Boost visibility across channels

Create an export for eBay

Focus on what matters most channable icon

Activate the export to eBay

Your confirmation

After you completed step 4, you will receive an email, confirming you have successfully qualified for the promotion. Our customer support team will then apply the discount as soon as possible.


*This promotion is valid from 1st - 31st December 2022. Your export to eBay needs to be activated within this period. Full discount on the minimum subscription needed for the number of items you import. Optional add-ons, like order connection, are excluded.