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With Channable's Repricer, you'll experience automated, effective pricing, win more buy boxes, stay competitive, and gain key insights into your performance.

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Increase Marketplace Sales with our Repricer

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Increase Buy Box Presence

Boost your Buy Box wins on by optimizing your prices to enhance visibility and drive more sales.


Save time with automated pricing

Let Channable's Repricer manage your pricing strategy, adjusting prices in real-time based on market trends, freeing you to focus on other aspects of your business.


Keep your products competitive and online

With Channable's Repricer, maintain your products' competitive edge and online presence by dynamically adjusting prices based on your competitors' pricing.

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Win the Buy Box

Winning the Buy Box on is the gateway to more sales, with 97% of customers choosing products from this prime position. evaluates multiple factors, including your price, price stars ranking, delivery times, customer reviews, and satisfaction ranking.

While a Buy Block position is never guaranteed, your price and price stars ranking are the quickest factors you can optimize and take control over to improve your chances of securing this spot.

Performance insights

How to beat your competitors on

Channable's Repricer gives you a strategic advantage, increasing your chances of winning the Buy Box by up to 80%.

By setting your maximum and minimum price limits per product, our Repricer gets to work, continuously monitoring the competitive landscape and auto-adjusting your prices. This leads to increased visibility and more sales.

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Optimize Your Price Star Rating

Pricing Stars on are awarded to the most competitively priced products. Channable's Repricer helps you earn and maintain this status consistently.

By defining your cost price and desired margin for each product, the Repricer dynamically adjusts your prices, ensuring you stay competitive, attract more buyers, and keep your products online while protecting your profit margins.

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Automatically Raise and Lower your Prices

Channable's Repricer lets you tailor your pricing rules to match your business needs and market conditions.

Using our rules engine, you can set repricing rules, whether you aim to match the lowest price, undercut it by a percentage, or even price higher than a specific competitor.

This customization allows you to maintain control over your pricing, protecting your profits.

Powerful targeting

Tooltopper Success Story

Tooltopper's Experience with Channable's Repricer

Facing the challenges of a saturated marketplace like, Tooltopper
turned to Channable's Repricer for a solution.

By adopting the Repricer Tooltopper was able to dynamically adjust product prices, securing more Buy-Box placements without compromising their margins. This resulted in increased sales and preserved profitability.

How to get started with our Repricer


Join Channable

Create your account and seamlessly integrate your seller account.

After that you can add the Repricer add-on to your account and activate it.


Define your strategy

Decide your focus: winning the Buy Box or targeting specific competitors. Our Repricer flexibly caters to your goals.

Define your price boundaries and repricing increments to maintain profitable, competitive pricing.


Let the Repricer work

Let our Repricer auto-adjust your prices using real-time data. Enjoy an optimized pricing strategy with no manual checks.

Use our robust tools to track your repricing strategy's performance and adjust as needed.

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