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With Channable’s repricer for Amazon you can outperform the competition through real-time price adjustments. Increase sales and optimize margins by winning the buy box.

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The top 6 advantages of Channable’s repricer for Amazon

Amazon listing optimization is the number 1 goal for resellers who want to take the lead on the marketplace and Channable’s Amazon repricer can help you to reach it. Here are six reasons why this feature will make your life on Amazon easier.

Outsell your competitionThe Amazon repricer monitors your competition and adjusts your pricing in real-time to win the buy box.
Optimize your profit marginsThe repricer for Amazon will find the optimal price point to win the buy box by maintaining the highest margins possible for all your listings.
Automate your pricing strategyThe setup of Channable’s repricer for Amazon is rule-based which means you are in control of systematic changes throughout your catalog.
Grow internationallyThe Amazon repricer is available for 10+ Amazon markets in Europe and North America. Your solution for international next-level Amazon listing optimization.
Maintain the overviewThe Amazon repricer setup in Channable is seamlessly connected to your product data optimization as part of an all-in-one Amazon API integration.
Save timeCreate the most efficient workflow for you and your team, by automating your pricing strategy and streamline your product portfolio with Channable's all-in-one Amazon setup.

Amazon listing optimization - This is what our Amazon repricer can help you achieve

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Summarized: All you need to know about winning the buy box with our repricer for Amazon!