eCommerce Plugins

eCommerce Plugins

Effortlessly import product data from any online shop

Whether you are looking for a feed management tool for managing a small product range or a tool for managing thousands of products, Channable has the perfect plan for you. We offer numerous subscription plans and plugins that are suitable for businesses of any magnitude. Select the one most suitable for you and get started. For a quick and simple way to import your product data feed install the Channable plugin or app on your eCommerce platform.

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eCommerce platform plugins

For your convenience Channable offers plugins or apps for all major eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Lightspeed, WooCommerce and Shopify. It’s an effortless and time saving way to import your product data feed into our feed manager. Search through the plugins or eCommerce apps available for your platform and install the Channable plugin or app.

Quick and easy setup

Choose one of our plugins available for your eCommerce platform or one of the other import methods. Every connection is quick and easy to setup, you can be up and running in minutes. If you are using a platform which is not yet available or can’t get a hold of your data feed file, we can build a custom Crawler just for your website and extract all the available data.

Help Center

Need help with importing your product data feed? Contact us or head over to our Help Center and get instant answers to the most commonly asked questions. Read through our step by step instructions for all the features available and learn how to use Channable like a pro.
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Filter your products

Channable provides you with powerful rule based actions with which you can filter your products on numerous criteria. Using a product feed manager to filter your products can significantly increase your channel effectiveness and efficiency.
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Hundreds of channels worldwide

Integrate your eCommerce store with Channable and export your products to hundreds of comparison sites, affiliates and marketplaces worldwide. If we do not yet have your channel of choice, just let us know!
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Performance based optimization

eCommerce Analytics provide you with the data needed to effectively optimize your product feed. Link you Google Analytics to Channable and view your product data in our interface. Gather data and optimize your eCommerce performance all in one place.
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Scheduled data update every day

Updating your product information daily assures that your product data is up to date and accurate for your offerings. Channable automatically updates your product feed every day at a time suitable for you. All that changes made to your data in your eCommerce platform will be automatically updated in Channable.
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Dashboard overview

A simple and tastefully designed dashboard displays the most vital data for your operations. View your imported products, export channels, analytics data and order tracking.
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Free support

We believe in assisting our clients in every step of the way. Our trained experts are here to answer all your questions free of charge. If you have any quests on how to get started with Channable, just contact us.

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"Using the site crawler, with minimal effort and right from the start we can set our products live to any shopping engine, even for our most dynamic and ad hoc campaigns including all promotional products and other related promotions."

Evie Moeskops
SEA specialist @ Blue Mango Interactive

"We want to guarantee our service, speed, quality and innovation for our clients, therefore we also expect the same from our employees and partners. It became clear to us that Channable can meet all of these expectations."

Diango Stegeman
CEO @ Diamtelecom

"A fast and intuitive tool with perfect customer support."

Maarten Sommeijer
Client Director @ Maxlead

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