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Unlock your social commerce growth and boost your revenue by managing your orders on TikTok in an automated way. Find out how to scale your presence on Gen Z’s leading social media platform with TikTok Shop.


Why should I sell my products on TikTok Shop?

More than one billion monthly users make TikTok one of the fastest growing social media platforms worldwide. Content on TikTok is based on short-form videos created for and consumed by users with a length of 15 to 60 seconds per video.

TikTok’s main audience is Generation Z (age 10-19). This demographic makes up an impressive one quarter of its users (25%). Late Millennials (age 20-29) are second, almost 22% of the platform’s total users.

These young target groups show high content engagement rates (watching, reacting, interacting, creating), enabling brands to communicate directly with consumers and share their messages.

Buyers on TikTok have shown to be impulsive: Compared to users of other social media networks, TikTok users are more than 80 % more likely to cite a ‘buy’ button on the platform as a purchase driver, making TikTom Shop a unique in-app shopping experience.

Level up in social commerce with Channable’s TikTok Shop API

Channable’s connection with TikTok Shop is currently only available for the US & UK. After browsing the selection via video, live stream, and product detail page displays on a seller’s TikTok Shop users can now purchase products directly on TikTok.

The marketplace experience is supported by an order connection in Channable. Sellers can retrieve orders directly from the TikTok app into their shop backend with our new API.

Grow your presence on TikTok Shop with Channable

Channable’s marketplace integrationfor TikTok Shop simplifies the set up and optimization of large and dynamic product catalogues and their integration into the TikTok platform.

  • Increase your sales: Bring your products to market faster and grow your sales in a sustainable way on TikTok Shop.

  • Boost your visibility: Simplify your workflows so you can expand your presence on TikTok Shop and other marketplaces and reach your target audience where they are.

  • Real-time stock updates: Your product information is updated directly on TikTok Shop with an API-connection so you’re always error-free.

  • Synchronisation of orders: Save time by allowing the direct TikTok Shop API connection to synchronise all your orders back to your online shop.

Learn more about getting started as a seller on TikTok Shop.

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