Channable loves its people

May 19, 2021

Over the past few years, Channable has grown tremendously, in the number of clients and number of features, but also in the number of square meters office space. This wouldn’t have been possible without the people working at Channable. A number that also keeps increasing.

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Channable loves its people

Move around

From the beginning of Channable, there has been standing desks. For those who are not familiar with this concept, it’s a desk that can be altered in height. It means you do not have to be bound to sitting at (or, in some not so exceptional cases, lying on) your desk; providing you with the choice to sit or stand whilst working. When Channable moved offices in August 2017, it recognized people’s enthusiasm for these height adjusting desks and ditched all other types of desks, to make sure everybody would always have the possibility to switch up positions throughout the day.

Move even more

There are many kinds of people; one kind loves to stretch and flex their muscles more than the others. For that reason, as of May 2018, yoga sessions are hosted at the beautiful Channable office once a week. A qualified yoga instructor leads an hour of Vinyasa Yoga, to ensure that the Channable yogis move every muscle, providing relief to all the aches and pains that come with desk jobs.

Channable yoga

Relax to the max

To start 2018 in the best way, Channable’s employees had the pleasure of welcoming Esther. Ever since, Esther has become everyone's favorite person to see around the office. You may be wondering, who Esther is? Well, Esther is a masseuse! Everyone at Channable gets to enjoy twenty whole minutes of pure relaxation during their workday.

Esther mentions on her website“I love to give people some time to themselves in which they can relax and reenergize”. Isn’t that all that a company could wish for? A team of relaxed and energized people, able to give their best.

The Channable soccer team

Next to weekly yoga classes, Channable also has a footy team that plays every week. The team, ‘Rentable’, consists of men and women from both Channable and Rentman and plays every Wednesday evening against another local company or team of friends. Whereas ‘normal’ soccer seasons tend to have a break during winter and summer, these die-hards play a match every week, three seasons a year, come rain or shine. If you’re ever in the neighborhood and recognize our orange/blue kits; come see some winners in action.

If none of the above suit you, there are many other hobbies or after-work activities to be found at Channable. Many Channable employees regularly play Ping Pong, and really test their skills at the biannual tournament. Next to that, there are groups that meet to batter opponents in squash, battle on the padel court, and climb to new heights in bouldering halls.

For some, sports are just not their thing. These Channable employees can often be found hanging out at the in-house bar or playing a heated game of FIFA. Even better still? Channable’s doors are open to their friends, family, clients, prospects and more, so feel free to join if you want to see how Channable play!

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