#Channatalks - Channable's podcast

June 17, 2020


Channatalks - Introducing Channable’s podcast, bringing you all the information, tips, tricks, and more from the world of eCommerce. As a leading marketing automation technology, Channable’s got connections and discovers opportunities in eCommerce for all verticals. A podcast that any marketer should add to their daily commute.

#Channatalks - Channable's podcast

Episode 1:

101 for selling on online marketplaces - Channable quizzes specialist Richard Schenzel, technical expert Robert Kreuzer, and entrepreneurs Yorick Voorthuijzen and Rik de Ruijter on online marketplaces. Why are they important channels for retailers? And how do you start?

channatalks episode 1

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Babette BürgiTeam Lead Video & Design

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