Easy ways to make more profit on Amazon

May 19, 2021

Amazon benefits from an exceptional amount of traffic, both in terms of quality and quantity. According to, 2.65 billion users visited in July 2019, which makes it one of the most visited eCommerce websites in the world. Thanks to its strong reputation, the platform manages to attract many online shoppers who are ready to buy.

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Easy ways to make more profit on Amazon

Tips on how to select the products for Amazon

Amazon is a marketplace with a very high sales potential, but how can you sell on it in a profitable way? The key to success is to choose the right products to display on the platform. Indeed, it is very likely that some of your items are not performing well on Amazon, while others sell like hotcakes. It is fundamental to carefully select the products you want to sell on Amazon. We’ve written a few tips on choosing which products to sell on Amazon:

  • Easy to ship products By choosing to sell small and light products, you can lower the shipping costs in your ads. The shipping cost has a big impact on the purchase decision of the customer; the lower it is, the more likely you are to sell the product.

  • Products with prices that are not too low Amazon charges a cost-per-sale fee (CPS), which means you pay a fee every time you sell a product. Therefore, advertising a cheaper e.g. €2.00 product is not very profitable. Try to sell only products that are worth selling, taking into account the commission.

  • Specific and targeted products, containing relevant and complete information It is much easier to sell a product called "15-inch MacBook Black Cover" than "Laptop Cover". Why? Even if the second title matches with many keywords used in the Amazon queries, it will hardly ever correspond to what the user is really searching for. Always try to give a complete description of the product, by listing its model, its color, its size, and so on, so that users already have an entire overview of the item before clicking on it. Of course, this depends on your familiarity with the products you want to sell. If they're already being sold on Amazon, this could mean that the content has already been provided by another supplier

  • Products that match customers' wishes In order to give you a little insight into what sells best, Amazon created a "bestsellers" corner on its website. In this feature, all the top-selling products are listed by category. If you can advertise these items at a lower price than other merchants, then you’ll be sealing the deals!

In order to only send products with the highest selling potential, you will need a good tool to filter between the products that are going to be sent to Amazon and those that aren’t. Channable’s data feed management tool could save you loads of time here. How?

The biggest challenge for selling on Amazon is to get your product information right in order to meet the requirements of Amazon. Channable’s smart rules enable you to very easily optimize your product information to meet Amazon standards, which is extensive. Examples of how to use the rules can be found below.

Attribute builder for completing mandatory information

It can take a whole day to modify your information to Amazon’s standards by yourself, especially when you're selling products in many different categories. That is why Channable developed an attribute builder for Amazon. This feature helps you to easily match your product information with the requirements of Amazon. Here is an example of a shop with many different categories in Channable:

Once you click on one of these categories, you will see the different mandatory attributes in red (see example below). In order to help you, Channable provides you with a description of the required information needed for that column. You just have to click on the title, and you will see a suggestion of what the accepted values on that column are. You can then either map this column with a field from your feed (i.e. color field) or add a static value (i.e. if you sell only products for women, you can fill the column Department with “women”).

Filtering products based on their size

The above tips can be applied to an example feed from an online cosmetics shop. Based on the above, only products that are worth more than €10.00 with a maximum size of 30 cm will be sold on Amazon. This restriction can be implemented with the following rule:

By excluding these products, they are not permanently deleted from the feed, instead, they are just not sent to Amazon. If one of the products costs €9.00 today, it will be excluded. But if tomorrow its price increases to €11 on your online shop, it will be automatically sent to Amazon.

Filling in missing information with the rules

As mentioned above, products with complete information sell better. Complete missing information can also be done in the Channable tool:

In the example above, the field "color" was not filled for all the shop’s products. A rule can be created in the tool to retrieve this information from another field e.g. "description". This rule allows you to find a certain value in the product information and copy it to an individual field that is recognized by Amazon.

It is also possible to create rules based on the results in Analytics. This allows you, for example, to exclude products with a low conversion rate.

Now that you know how to implement a good strategy on Amazon, you can start filtering your products and selling them on the top eCommerce marketplace! Try the Channable feed management tool for free or contact us for more information!

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