Agency Stories: Innovative Use Cases by Top Agencies

May 19, 2023

Join us for Channable's Agency Stories Webinar Series, where we explore the cutting-edge strategies and impressive results achieved by agencies harnessing the power of Channable for their clients.


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Agency Stories: Innovative Use Cases by Top Agencies

Each episode showcases a different agency's innovative use case. Gain valuable insights into how Channable can elevate your online performance.

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Episode 1 - Tuesday, May 23 | 3.00pm

Agency Stories - Netprofiler, New York Pizza, Channable (1)

Revolutionizing New York Pizza’s Local Store Marketing Success with Smart Automation

Agency: Netprofiler

Delve into the world of marketing automation and discover how Netprofiler leveraged the power of Channable to drive growth and efficiency for New York Pizza’s 250+ stores.

Explore how they enhanced their local advertising strategy, reducing time spent by 55% and boosting revenue by 16%.

Episode 2 - Tuesday, June 6 | 3.00pm

Channable & Fingerspitz - Agency stories webinar (2)

Mastering Brand Bidding: Cortina's Winning Strategy that Cut Ad Spend by 64%

Agency: Fingerspitz

Step into an immersive exploration of the award-winning Cortina and Fingerspitz use case.

Through the creation of dynamic campaigns driven by real-time ranking and bid data, Fingerspitz was able to drastically reduce Cortina's annual branded spend by 64%, boost organic traffic, and maintain overall branded traffic.

We'll shed light on the enduring marketing dilemma:

  • Should you bid on brand terms?

  • And if so, how do you go about it smartly?

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