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The importance of automation for the future [webinar]

April 15, 2020

Channable and 190west have joined forces in this exclusive online session, to discuss the importance of automation for the future. In a world where we don’t know what’s around the corner, what roles does automation play?

Importance of automation for future webinar 190west channable

There has never been so much uncertainty for the future before today. With so much uncertainty, it can be confusing what to prioritize now. Technology and automation have undoubtedly got an important role to play in the future. As consumers become more demanding and curious, how can you stay ahead of the curve with automation?

Join Niclas and Tom to hear what they have to say as industry experts, on the importance of automation for the future.

During this special online session, the following points were discussed:

  • The importance of automation generally
  • Levels of automation
  • Working examples of why automation is important for the future
  • The benefits automation has brought to 190west, a digital marketing agency

About the presenters:

Tom Prendergast
As President of 190west, Tom Prendergast has been instrumental in establishing the agency’s reputation as an invaluable partner in E-commerce, HR, and IT marketing. Infusing behavior-driven tactics with real-time insights that support sales, 190west implements measurable campaigns with tangible ROI that supports a connection with prospects, increases brand awareness, fosters more qualified leads, and produces quantifiable results from marketing initiatives. Tom and the 190west team help companies build better customer relationships helping businesses grow.

Niclas Malmhagen
Niclas is passionate about guiding digital agencies and advertisers with his expertise in data feed automation to help them get their feed marketing to the next level. Originally from Sweden, Niclas discovered the true power of eCommerce by seeing the global economy in action through his international upbringing.

About Channable
Channable is a data feed management tool for online marketing agencies and advertisers. The all-in-one tool includes many features such as data feed optimization, product listings for marketplaces, order connections, generating dynamic text ads, and an Analytics connection. Just import your items with a feed, API, or one of our eCommerce plugins. You can even combine multiple data sources from different systems. Take advantage of our international expertise to advertise anywhere.

About 190west
190west helps companies that are looking to build better customer relationships and develop leads that grow sales pipeline. Our team of professionals can translate our deep sales and marketing experience into agile solutions that cost-effectively deliver results. They have a specialty helping those in the HR, IT, and E-commerce markets.

Senni Whitaker
Marketing UK

Senni is responsible for the UK marketing at Channable. In her role she
writes a lot of content in the field of e-commerce and online marketing.