Online | 1st September 2022, 3pm CEST

The future of e-commerce is fluid

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Technology is transforming the entire e-commerce experience from a siloed approach to one that is consistent at each step of a customer’s journey. Meet fluid e-commerce.

Are you ready to remix your retail strategy? Tune into a cutting-edge event that brings together world-class experts touching upon topics like the future of retail, the growth to e-commerce maturity, creating impactful ads, and more.

Welcome to the Impact Cube

Starting with last year’s edition, the Impact Cube has transformed into an annual learning hub where industry stakeholders and thought leaders representing leading brands get together to share inspiration, insights, and the latest trends in online marketing and e-commerce.

We’re excited to welcome you to a brand new edition that puts the spotlight on the ever-evolving world of e-commerce. Ready to deep dive into a cutting-edge event? Join us to fully immerse ourselves in a series of speaking sessions and interactive activities both online and in an exclusive invite-only in-person event.

Drum roll! This year’s line-up features…

China: From copycat to

frontrunner in e-commerce

John Lin

China Tech Expert & Columnist

AI vs HI &

automation strategies

Jim Stolze

Tech Entrepreneur

The growth path to e-commerce maturity

Robert Smit

Product Manager


The lack of patience with e-commerce shoppers and how to adjust ads

Aida Oghabi

Global Product Marketing Lead


Why attend the event

Get data-driven knowledge and insights from the online marketing world

Conversion optimization

Creating ad campaigns that make an impact and convert has never been more important. Learn best practices and get insights on how to strengthen your strategy.

Future of e-commerce

Staying on top of the latest trends will be pivotal to your success in the coming years. Immerse into the world of eCommerce and what the future will bring.



Sales through social media channels worldwide are expected to nearly triple by 2025, making it an opportunity for many brands. But how will it shape product and marketing decisions?

Ready to deep dive into
the new world of e-commerce?

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