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Get more exposure for your products with the Channable product feed manager

Increase the online exposure of your products by creating ads for over 2500 price comparison websites, affiliate platforms or marketplaces such as Google Shopping, AWIN and Amazon with Channable’s product feed manager. Create specifically optimized product feeds for each channel to ensure the delivery of top quality data feeds. Using Channable's feed manager to sell on numerous channels can increase your sales and website traffic, but also saves you time and resources.

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Easily categorize products

Channable’s feed manager allow you to manage your product classification to match the categories of the export channel. Categorization is there to help you connect the categories of your online store to the categories of the channel you want to advertise or list on. Instantly generate categories and utilise smart categorization to significantly speed up the set up of a new feed. Using Channable's feed manager, to correct your product classification, can drastically improve your visibility on a channel and increase your reach with the right target audience.
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Powerful rules to filter, modify and optimize products

Channable’s feed manager is equipped with powerful rules, to precisely control the flow of products to each channel but also modify information. The feed manager will provide you with immediate feedback after each rule is implemented. Ensuring maximum impact for your campaigns and saving you time in sending the right information to a channel like Google Shopping. Easily select which exact products you want to send to a channel with the feed manager and optimize your ads.
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Feed quality check

Your product feed needs to include the export channel's required information to create perfect ads. Our feed manager has the complete data feed specifications for every channel we offer. Channable stays up-to-date with every channel, ensuring that you will always have an optimized feed. Higher quality data feeds means better visibility. Channable's feed manager has a built-in ‘quality check’ for your data feeds, showing you where improvements can be made. Make quick adjustments to your data feed and see the results instantly in our feed manager.
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Daily product updates

Our feed manager imports your products every day, to make sure that all of your product listing ads are correctly synchronized on all your channels. All you have to do is select the exact time and time zone in the feed manager and Channable will take care of the rest.
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Over 2,500 export channels to choose from

Whether you're looking to create feeds for affiliate networks like AWIN or CJ Affiliate, or comparison sites like Google Shopping and Kelkoo, Channable has a large portfolio of connections. Channable builds new feed connections on a regular basis, all you have to do is email our team with your request to see it added to the road map.
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Filter your products

Channable’s rules allow you to create powerful actions to filter your products on numerous criteria. Use a product feed manager to filter your products, send only the items you want and significantly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your ads.
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Thousands of channels worldwide

With Channable you can use a feed manager to optimize and export your products to thousands of comparison sites, affiliate networks and marketplaces worldwide. If we do not yet have your channel of choice, just let us know and we’ll aim to add it for you!
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Performance based optimization

Channable’s eCommerce Analytics provides you with an overview of the data needed to effectively optimize your product feed. Link your Google Analytics to Channable and view your product performance data in our interface. Gather data and use data feed management to optimize your eCommerce performance all from one place.
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Scheduled data update every day

Updating your product information daily ensures that your product data is up to date and accurate for your product listing ads. Channable automatically updates your product feed every day at a time suitable for you.
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Dashboard overview

A simple and tastefully designed dashboard displays the most vital data for your operations. Get an overview your imported products, export channels, analytics data and orders with Channable.
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Free support

We believe in assisting our clients every step of the way. Our trained experts are here to answer all your questions free of charge. Having trouble setting up your product feed? Just contact us.

Learn more about feed managers

The easiest way to explain it is by breaking it down. A product feed is a file where your product information is, for example in a Microsoft Excel doc. A product feed can come in many different forms, such as XML or CSV. When you start advertising through third parties, such as comparison sites and affiliate networks, you will notice that they require product information in a different format to what you have. You will then need to modify your product feed. However, if you want to make use of multiple third parties, this requires multiple different product feeds. It can become overwhelming to manage. Hence why you can turn to the help of a product feed manager. It is a software where you upload that file and can reproduce it multiple times in different ways, modifying the product information each time.

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"The flexibility and ease-of-use of Channable's feed manager is unparalleled and really helps us with maximizing our results from productfeeds."

Erik Buis
Teamlead Digital Marketing @ Bever

"The feed manager tool is very flexible and transparent, therefore we are able to create feeds on our own. Really great!"

Ans Vervoort
Senior online marketing coordinator @ Otto

"With Channable's feed manager we finally have product feeds under control! With 2 online shops, 19 feeds, and more than 20,000 products it is a challenge to get this right. Good customer service and the very user friendly back end has made this possible."

Wim Koning
Lead IT Specialist @

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