Product feed management tool

Create qualitative feeds and promote your items on more than 2.500 different price comparison websites, affiliate networks, and marketplaces.

Create and manage product feeds

Save time and resources by creating and managing all your product feeds in one place. Choose from over 2,500 feed templates and build top quality data feeds to increase your online reach and visibility.

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Easily optimize your product feed

Advertising on multiple channels with different feed requirements can be extremely time consuming. But thanks to intelligent rules and quality checks from our feed manager you can now modify and filter your data feed to ensure channel requirements are met more effectively.

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Automate your feeds

No more need to change prices and stock information manually. With our feed management tool, we ensure that your product information is fully synchronized across all your channels. All you need to do is select the update time and our feed manager will automatically take care of the rest.

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Categorize your products

Categorizing your products correctly not only ensures greater visibility but can also affect the performance of your products tremendously. Speed up the process of categorization with Channable's feed manager and make sure that your products are finally listed correctly.

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I like Channable! We’ve tried a couple of different systems, so we have the experience to say that Channable is very good.

Christian Haraldsen

Online performance specialist @ Komplett

Why choose our feed manager?

+2.500 integrationsGain more exposure for your products on numerous price comparison websites, affiliates, or marketplaces worldwide.
Free support & ChannacademyLearn through interactive videos, step-by-step tutorial walkthroughs, and in-depth problem-solving assignments, or contact our free support team in any of the 13 languages we support.
Intuitive and easy to useWith our feed management tool it is not required to have a technical background. Thanks to a simple interface, anyone can use the tool.
Daily synchronizationThe information of your products is automatically updated every day together with all the channels in which you have a connection.
Integrated with AnalyticsUtilize performance data such as the click-through rate or conversion rate to analyze the performance of your products on each of your channels.
Flexible subscriptionsAt Channable we try to fully adapt to your needs. That is also why we offer monthly subscriptions with no commitment to any contracts.