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EasyAds is now powered by Channable

March 27, 2023

Channable is proud to announce that EasyAds and all clients now run exclusively on Channable's technology, empowering eCommerce growth.

EasyAds is now powered by Channable

Channable and EasyAds collaboration for your growth

EasyAds will remain a separate entity but operate and support its customers exclusively on the Channable platform.

By coupling EasyAds with Channable's market-leading technology, EasyAds will be able to provide more options and capabilities to support their customers powered by Channable's "new engine."

"I'm really happy that after months of preparation, we are now able to start this collaboration with EasyAds. As I see it, we are combining the best of both parties for their customers: Channable technology with the EasyAds knowledge and skills that they've gathered over the years."

- Rob van Nuenen, Co-founder & CEO at Channable.

As a European market leader, Channable takes its next step in providing its solution, services, and technology to anyone wanting to scale their online presence and eCommerce business.

"With this collaboration, we will be able to help our customers grow and be even more successful. We believe that good technology should be the base and that the implementation determines the success for our clients. As a well-established eCommerce partner, EasyAds will further expand its services for existing and new customers who are in need of successful and carefree implementation on the Channable platform."

Martin Veenendaal, Managing Director at EasyAds.

Channable defines itself as a connector, empowering users.

Connections define Channable on all levels. On a product level, we connect feeds, channels, and ads in a single platform. On a service level, we connect advertisers and agencies to the right audience. On a cultural level, we connect people, giving them the support and solutions to grow.

We hope this collaboration between Channable and EasyAds will enable us to further our vision of an all-in-one platform for greater visibility, smarter ad campaigns, and more personalized marketing.

The Channable Team

Vanshj SethBrand Marketing