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Channable x Venditan Press Release

September 29, 2022

Channable, a leading e-commerce feed management, and PPC automation solution, have agreed on a new collaboration with UK and Ireland ecommerce growth experts Venditan.

Channable x Venditan Press Release

Channable, a leading e-commerce feed management, and PPC automation solution, have agreed on a new collaboration with UK and Ireland ecommerce growth experts Venditan.

The collaboration will see Venditan add additional services to the high-growth small- and medium-sized enterprises it works with. Venditan’s customers will benefit from a “best in class” digital advertising solution.

Channable enables e-commerce companies across the globe to effectively sell, advertise, market, and manage their online sales. Today, Channable has over 6,000 customers globally, processing more than 55 billion items per day across 2,500 local and global channels, including comparison websites, marketplaces, search engines, and social networks. The business was founded in 2014 by Rob van Nuenen, Stefan Hospes, and Robert Kreuzer and continues to grow rapidly, including 91% in 2022-22.

“It's an exciting partnership that offers real revenue growth potential for the retailers working with Venditan,” says John Coyne, Managing Director at Venditan. “We have maintained active integrations directly with marketplaces for well over a decade, but felt the time was right to seek a specialist partner in this particular area who offered a best-in-class solution.” Venditan selected Channable after a highly competitive process. “Early on in our investigations, Channable started to stand out as the clear option.”

Venditan works with many leading eCommerce brands, including Sigma Sports, and Gear4music. As well as building ecommerce sites and rapidly growing online sales, their proprietary platform delivers a tailored, end-to-end, omnichannel solution for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C businesses in the UK and Ireland, handling purchasing, warehousing, dispatch and instore EPOS.

Venditan’s customers are already feeling the benefits of the collaboration, says Coyne. “Our retail partners can now sell seamlessly on affiliate networks and marketplaces globally. All orders are synchronised back down-stream to Venditan Commerce, whether placed via Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, or Fruugo, for example.”

Channable offers integrations for marketplaces and benefits, including automatic product listing, managing all orders in one place, adapting to listing requirements, and taking control of your buy box.

Notes for editors:

About Channable
Channable is a universal platform enabling brands, online retailers, and agencies to accelerate their go-to-market strategies by optimizing product and service placement within online advertising. Its innovative technology spans hundreds of directories, search engines, e-commerce sites, and social networks — providing actionable insights to improve retail performance and scale sales based on consumer needs. With over 3,000 clients worldwide using the platform’s data feeds, price comparisons, order synchronization, and affiliate platforms, Channable connects businesses with global marketplaces, including Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

About Venditan
Venditan Commerce caters for independent retailers, medium-sized retailers, and distributors. It adapts to every type of product mix beautifully. We help over 100 fast-growing independent retailers achieve more with powerful mobile-first websites that trade on our feature-rich eCommerce platform, Venditan Commerce. Within a single platform, you can manage every aspect of your online store, allowing you to stay focused on delighting your customers.
Venditan Commerce provides tools to help you easily manage your business, dealing with complex product inventories. B2B sales ordering, pricing, shipping, and billing, and bringing all the tools to control and manage your B2C retail operation for both Clicks & Mortar.