PauwR Digital Marketing‎

PauwR Digital Marketing‎

PauwR wants to make a huge impact for organisations in their digital advertising campaigns.

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About PauwR 
PauwR helps companies to spend their advertising budgets as effective and efficient as possible. PauwR does this through digital channels, because PauwR is convinced this is relevant for both the advertiser and the target audience, when campaigns are set up with lots of care, responsibility, knowledge and experience. PauwR excels in these areas, communicates excellent and is proactive. The development and education of PauwR employees is important to achieve this.

PauwR understands digital advertising and leads the way to customers and advertisers in the rapidly changing digital jungle. PauwR is leading in knowledge and experience, and therefore able to guide and advise others in this continuously changing field.

PauwR & Channable
Channable is very important for PauwR. Google Shopping will not be set up for customer without the use of Channable. Besides Google Shopping, feeds are also optimized for other channels such as price comparison websites. PauwR and Channable work together closely and PauwR often gives feedback about improvements of the tool, to be able to make even more impact for customers.

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