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IWB agency

Data is our holy grail. With data more effectiveness and ROI for your campaigns.

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About IWB agency
IWB agency is built on the idea that everything is measurable. Data is the holy grail to our company. You could also call IWB an ‘ex-Google’ start-up. We manage about €14M+ in annual marketing spend (e.g., in Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook). In addition, we know how to get the most out of customers’ advertising budget by using smart rules, scripts and logical thinking.

We compare our business motto to mountain climbing: the right structure, the right data and trust in experts will help reach us the top. An iterative process that makes you smarter and better every day. When working with our agency, you will not have to climb the mountain alone. We are happy to help you from base camp 1 to the so called summit zone!

Channable & IWB agency
We partnered from the early start of Channable. The tool that Channable offers is a great solution to get your data easily organised through smart rules. In addition, they offer unique customer support.

Our clients use Channable to organise their product feed to online aggregators, and also to improve their internal data quality.

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