Welcome to Adwise. We’re a band of more than 100 creative minds at the digital frontier.

About Adwise
Welcome to Adwise. We’re a band of creative minds at the digital frontier. Our itch is to change the game in digital. We create unseen connections between technology, people and processes. And craft amazing experiences that challenge the status quo. We accelerate businesses by opening up new opportunities. To outpace the competition and disrupt entire markets forward. We’re not just a digital agency, we’re a creative ecosystem. Because together we can achieve even greater things. We invite digital minds, clients and startups to our home. To shape the digital transformation so many only talk about. We deliver the future. For today, for tomorrow and for years to come. Many can see the beauty in this connected world. We believe it takes a digital brain to see its full potential. We’re Adwise. Your Digital Brain.

What we do:

  • Business Strategy
    Success starts in the heart of your organization. But how do you build such the data-driven, digital-first, customer-centric business for this day and age? Our Business Strategy Team makes your business model future-fit. We look at processes, long-term trends and opportunities in the market. And we translate these into an adequate growth strategy, new products and agile working. Let’s get digital ready!
  • Marketing Strategy
    Prospects, customers, sales… all have been part of marketing plans for decades. Today, marketing requires a completely different approach. Everything needs to come together: awareness, customer experience and the sales funnel. The Adwise marketing strategists transform data into insights, insights into strategy and strategy into tangible results. Marketing becomes Martech and that opens up a whole new world of opportunities.
  • Brand & Experience
    Adwise builds brands in the digital domain. A strong digital brand has a clear why and a perfect, seamless customer experience. With creative concepts and contagious campaigns, we bring any brand to life across all digital consumer touch points. Consumers become fans. And fans loyal customers.
  • Digital Marketing
    Digital marketing is all about performance. Our Digital Marketing Team isn’t confined to a single channel or discipline. They address what really works, from advertising and mail to conversational marketing and media optimization. They know exactly how to reach the target group and… how to really contribute to growth objectives.
  • Technology & Engineering
    Technology should depart from a vision: which innovations, tools and platforms match up with the organization? Which don’t? Adwise brings the vision to life through technology. We use what’s available and build what doesn’t yet exist. From bespoke e-business environments and Martech solutions to ground-breaking AI applications and IoT integration. Of course, we train also the people who have work with it.
  • Content & Design
    Contagious stories move people. Our Content & Design Team creates these stories in all shapes and sizes. Think of photography, film, visual designs, radio spots, display ads and so on. We use emerging tech such as VR, AR and Voice to make the story even more compelling.
  • Data & Intelligence
    Knowledge powers progress. We can propel any organization forward with data. Adwise combines data, content and shopping behavior (online and offline) in one comprehensive dashboard. We use AI to quickly recognize valuable patterns and even to predict behavior. Often, we can tell in advance what the effect of a campaign or promotion will be.
  • People & Organization
    Adwise leads organizations towards being digital-first. At C-level we paint the outlook for the coming years. At departmental level, we teach everyone to embrace data in their thinking. At the same time, we stand by with teams of professionals both inside and outside the organization. Plus, we provide training to really take everyone onto the new journey forward.

Channable & Adwise
Adwise and Channable  have been key partners since 2015. Together they work for 100 clients. Channable enables Adwise to quickly scale across different channels and marketplaces for these clients. In addition, the SEA tooling is used to automate campaigns in Google Ads and Bing Ads. In the past few years, Adwise has made a contribution to the development of Channable. They also utilize all functionalities within Channable and there has been a positive growth in the number of active accounts. As a result, Adwise is awarded as a Channable Gold Partner in 2019.


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