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About AdResults

AdResults is a full-service strategic online marketing agency. We focus our services on the top 500 advertisers in Europe.

Our goal is to achieve the best results from the online marketing campaigns of our clients. For us everything is about satisfied and enthusiastic customers, because that is what makes ur enthusiastic too! AdResults stands for “Advertising Results”. All AdResults consultants have a passion for online marketing. Our joint years of online marketing experience has made us know where to make the difference. And above all: how to further improve them! Our experience can ensure you that AdResults will think out of the box and manage online marketing campaigns differentely  take care of the business differently. Our knowledge, expertise and commitment let us get back in the results of our customers.

Say what you do and do what you say. Honest and straightforward, enthusiastic and committed. This is the best way to describe our approach. We can offer the best services in the field of online marketing, because we know what is important for our clients. At the same time we will always tailor our services to the specific needs and wishes of our clients. Our slogan is there for a reason “We mind your business, We mind your AdResults”. The co-operation with AdResults is characterized by commitment and knowledge sharing: real partnership and being truly cooperative and intertwined with the business of our clients.

Close co-operation and building a long term relationship with our clients is very important for us. Knowledge about products and services, possible return percentages, margins on product groups and other factors play a major role in setting the online marketing in a correct way. We can make the online marketing become more efficient by continuous optimization. Optimizing online marketing, sharing knowledge, implementing new features and frequent contact with the client all play a key role. However, in whatever we do “quality” remains our keyword.

AdResults services focus on improving customer websites and gaining more return on investment from advertising campaigns.. Our focus in online marketing is consultancy for website optimization, SEO, site speed, data feed management, search advertising, Facebook advertising, Google Analytics and affiliate marketing.

AdResults & Channable
By investing at the right time in new activities, working together with the right partners and joining new developments, AdResults contributes to the profitability and growth of its customers. This also applies to the collaboration between AdResults and Channable. AdResults has collaborated with several (also international) data feed management platforms for its customers over the last few years. From this, Channable was by far the best in the test.

In the initial phase, AdResults was one of Channable’s first partners and has been in touch with AdResults and its customers in the optimization of Channable’s platform. The pleasant contact, the willingness to handle business quickly and efficiently, platform speed, sharp Channable rates and ultimately the added value for AdResults customers have led us to have trained more than 12 online marketing consultants for working with the Channable platform. In the meanwhile, AdResults Channable has been successful for all its customers, and considering the developments at Channable, this will only become more!

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