Lightspeed product feed management

Lightspeed is an eCommerce platform designed to help online merchants set up and sell their products to the ever growing market of online shoppers. With its many built-in functions and user friendly software, the Lightspeed eCommerce platform is one of the best tools merchants can use to grow their online presence. Lightspeed is heavily focused on the user experience and making the platform specifically usable by people with no technical knowledge, so don’t be afraid to take your business online.

Channable offers full integration with Lightspeed, using Channable’s Lightspeed App. Your Lightspeed product feed can be easily imported by Channable, optimized and then sent to various marketplaces and shopping engines of your choice. Channable has also made order handling available for Lightspeed. Channable can redirect the orders placed on the various marketplaces right back to your Lightspeed account for a convenient overview and management of orders.

Advantages of the Lightspeed App Connection

  • Orders are pushed to Lightspeed
    Channable centralizes your orders from multiple marketplaces and channels, they will automatically appear in Lightspeed. You can handle orders just like you are used to.
  • Real-time inventory updates
    Whenever the inventory of certain products changes in Lightspeed, it is immediately synched to all marketplaces and channels. This makes sure everything is synchronized and prevents customers from buying your products when they are no longer in stock.
  • Shipment and tracking codes
    Channable can send shipping updates to, including tracking codes. Customers will get automatic notifications of the status of their orders and get their tracking codes.
  • More channels
    Of course our Lightspeed product feed integration supports many more channels,click herefor more!
  • Free support
    We offer free support on integrating Lightspeed with numerous marketplaces. We make sure that everything is connected properly and that it stays that way. You can always contact us when you have questions about integrations.

How do I connect Lightspeed with Channable

Please install the Channable app from the Lightspeed app store.

How are orders displayed in Lightspeed?

Orders in Lightspeed are marked with a connector icon, as seen below. The marketplace details show up when you open the order.

Lightspeed orders
Lightspeed order