Lightspeed multichannel eCommerce management

Lightspeed makes selling online easier for everyone. Lightspeed eCom (E-Series; C-Series) is the one-stop ecommerce platform built to scale your business and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Whether you’re launching your first store or gearing up to go global, the Lightspeed platform makes it simpler than ever before to add ecommerce and manage your entire business, online and off, from a single platform. Drive more sales and save hours of work with Lightspeed’s intuitive control panel, automated marketing tools, centralized inventory, order management, pricing and more.


Leverage the power of marketplaces to grow and scale. Get your products in front of new potential customers to grow your business and achieve your goals. Lightspeed eCom partners with Channable to help you sell with ease on the world’s largest online marketplaces.

Benefits of a fully integrated Lightspeed connection

  • Optimize your product feed to drive more traffic:
    Import your product data directly from Lightspeed eCommerce platforms (E-Series and C-Series) into Channable in no time. Channable optimizes your product feed and automatically curates high-quality product listings for each channel to maximize your online reach.

  • Simplify order management:
    Manage all your sales from one single platform with real-time data sync. Centralize orders in your Lightspeed eCom Back Office and keep your inventory synced across all channels and marketplaces so you always be in control of your stock levels.

  • Real-time data sync:
    Whenever your product data, pricing, or inventory level changes, it is immediately reflected in all channels. That way, you make sure to keep your stores up-to-date, and to never oversell and run out of stock.

  • Get instant access to the most visited marketplaces:
    Increase your visibility and tap into a network of +2,500 marketplaces, price-comparison websites and affiliate networks to reach new buyers and maximize your revenue.

  • Make your ads more relevant than ever:
    Turn your social ads into revenue by creating hyper-targeted performance-based PPC campaigns and engage your audience across different ad formats and platforms. Channable uses dynamic product information, such as pricing and stock level, to make sure your ads are always relevant to your audience.

How do I connect Lightspeed with Channable?

Get started with multichannel ecommerce management for Lightspeed eCom in just seconds. All you have to do is install the Channable app for your Lightspeed eCom platform (it’s free!). Channable offers two separate apps to import product data directly from Lightspeed’s different eCommerce platforms.

Consult the Channable help center for more information about importing product data from Lightspeed into Channable:

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