Facebook Shops integration

Facebook Shops is based on Meta Product Catalogs that improve the discoverability of items and the relevance of the displayed product information.


Social commerce enables merchants to reach their target groups via their preferred outlets - social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. Customer needs can be met in an innovative way with a streamlined store concept.

The integration of Facebook Shops within Channable is an addition to the feed for Facebook advertising. With Facebook, ads (for both Facebook and Instagram) are displayed throughout the news feed and on the right side of the interface in a computer setting (on mobile devices only throughout the news feed). This helps merchants to reach and re-target users during their daily social media activities.

Facebook Shops feed template

Facebook Shops is, in contrast to Facebook ads, a digital storefront on Instagram and Facebook in which highly relevant items are displayed to the social media user. Facebook Shops drives traffic from the social network to a merchant’s website. A checkout function (making Facebook Shops an actual marketplace) has so far only been rolled out in the US.

Facebook catalogs

A catalog is a container that holds information about the items you want to advertise or sell across Facebook and Instagram. You can create catalogs for different types of inventory, like products (ecommerce), hotels, flights, destinations, home listings or vehicles.

The prerequisite to use Facebook Shops is a complete commerce catalog, holding information about the items you want to showcase across Facebook and Instagram. Enhanced catalogs can be created by using the Facebook Shops feed template in Channable and facilitate the shopping experience for the customer by empowering:

  • Discoverability: Item-specific attributes can help to increase the discoverability of products and lead more users to merchants’ Facebook Shops.

  • Personalization: More specific product details are included to trigger user-product matches and the relevancy of recommendations.

  • Product details pages: More relevant product information facilitates the buyer’s purchase decision and enables more powerful merchandising (promotions, reviews, and recommendations).


Category- and market-specific information allows customers to easily discover and consider a broad range of highly relevant products using search and filters.

The main benefits of ‘enhanced’ catalogs are a high-quality shopping experience through expanded search options (product variants, e.g. color, and availability), and the ability to sort and filter based on keywords within a Facebook Shop.

Read more about Shops on Facebook in our help center article and in the Meta Business Help Center on Shops on Facebook.

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