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Don’t miss out on Channable’s November special!

October 03, 2018

Winter is coming, as John Snow would say. It entails the holiday season in which more than 20% of annual eCommerce revenue* is generated. As eCommerce retailers, or eCommerce players in general (as even vacations are booked to capacity in the last months of the year), it’s vital your online offerings display the most up to date information. That's why Channable has launched an exclusive discount: Get 12 or 24 runs a day for November and December but only pay the extra runs for one month. Save 50% with our November special!

Channable november special

Traditionally, the users import automatically refreshes on a daily basis. The exact time can be set in the scheduling section of the settings in your Channable account. However, during the holiday season when sales are rocketing you want your feeds and APIs to run more often (and not to mention automatically) and you want accurate stock and price information displayed at all times.

To cope with the increase in sales, Channable offers extra runs during the holiday season for half the price starting from November 1st.

Get up to 12 runs a day for November and December but only pay for one month. Same applies for 24 runs a day: You get a full month for free. The sooner you start the better!

Channable holiday special

If you would like your data updated up to every two hours a day until the end of 2018, you only need to pay half of the amount of your subscription price ONCE, for this limited time only. Even better still, pay it at the end of the year!

If once every two hours isn’t enough, you can also choose every hour for two months for only ONE subscription fee. Also invoiced at the end of the year!

(12 runs a day are traditionally priced at half the price of a users monthly subscription and is billed monthly. 24 runs a day are traditionally priced at the same price as a users monthly subscription and is billed monthly. This offer includes purchasing two months of either 12 or 24 repeat runs at a discounted rate.)

The extra runs will end 31st December, so don’t worry about having to cancel it on New Year’s Eve.

This offer is available to all Channable clients. Whether you’re a Shopify or Lightspeed user, have a Small or Industry package, you can run those feeds every hour of every day. Take into consideration whether the export channels you’re sending your ads/listings to support multiple runs a day.

If you already benefit from our 12-times-a-day extra runs but want to enjoy 24 runs at discounted rate this holiday season, that is also possible. Just get in touch with a member of our team to activate this exclusive offer and start advertising the freshest feeds.

Contact us to activate this offer ASAP


Written by Senni Whitaker
Marketing UK