Travel in 2021 and beyond

An eCommerce Perspective

After decades of supersonic growth, in 2020 the travel industry ground to an unprecedented halt. April was flooded with images of empty airports and runways as Forbes predicted 50 million travel industry jobs may be lost. The reality was much worse. It’s widely accepted that close to 100 million people in the travel industry lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic.

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Today, countries are slowly relaxing their travel restrictions as the general population carefully considers their next vacation. But things have changed. The future of travel is definite but uncertain. For travel companies and eCommerce businesses reliant on the travel sector, how they prepare for this unknown is crucial.

Drawing from the experience of Channable and their clients, this white paper intends to help you prepare your business for the future of travel in eCommerce. Discover which eCommerce practices are best to employ, insights on the direction travel in eCommerce is heading, and what is required to remain competitive in this sector.

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