[Webinar] Advanced product bucketing for Performance Max

June 17, 2024

Are you looking to take your Performance Max campaigns to the next level? In this Next Level eCommerce webinar, Ruben Runneboom, Google Ads & eCommerce Expert, will show you how to move from reactive to proactive strategies, harnessing the power of performance and first-party data to drive better results.

Reading Time - 3 min

[Webinar] Advanced product bucketing for Performance Max

Keys to reconsider for your Performance Max strategy

  • First-party data is crucial: Discover the importance of using first-party data to enrich your campaign setup, ensuring faster and more efficient achievement of your objectives.
  • Proactive strategies over reactive approaches: Move away from traditional product bucketing based on historical performance and adopt a more proactive approach.
  • Beyond profitability: Discover techniques to manage multiple indicators beyond profitability, such as reducing returns.

What will you learn in the session?

  • How to leverage your first-party data to enrich your setup. Tailor your campaigns more precisely and ensure you meet your goals faster.
  • How to set up a point system. Learn how to implement a point system to segment your campaigns effectively.
  • How to optimize your campaign structure. Gain insights into how to optimize your campaign structure accordingly.

Meet the speaker

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Ruben Runneboom - Google Ads & eCommerce Expert and Co-owner of Taskforce Agency

Over the past decade, he developed his skillset at leading agencies in the Netherlands to eventually start his performance marketing agency with two other well-known specialists in our field. He is in charge of innovation and quality assurance within his organization. In doing so, he is involved daily in finding the most innovative solutions to complex issues for their clients with a strong focus on automation and data warehousing.

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