Meet the Channable Marketing team: How we’re evolving in 2022

March 31, 2022

This month, the Marketing team met up face-to-face after more than two years to discuss future plans, connect, and share some cool ideas. Get to know us and what we're up to this year!

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Meet the Channable Marketing team: How we’re evolving in 2022

After going through so much together in the past two years, we were incredibly excited to see all our teammates outside of a box and finally in real life. So where did this meeting take our team? What did we get out of our first in-person event in two years? Let’s get behind the scenes to know more about the team and our future plans.

But first, what does the Marketing team at Channable do?

Sharing knowledge and information is a core value of Channable, and our Marketing team is an example of this value in action. The team is responsible for everything from creating content, copy, visuals, emails, campaigns, videos to participating in world-class events. Ultimately, we just want to create content and experiences that are relevant to everyone interested in learning how to scale their online advertising.

Did you know? This year alone, Channable will be present in 60 events including key ones like Shoptalk US, Webwinkel Vakdagen, Netcomm Forum, OMR Festival, E-handelskonferencen, eShow Madrid, and more.

As we’re operating in eight regions (Benelux, US, UK, DACH, Nordics, France, Spain, and Italy), our team members are working at the intersection of collaboration and personalization, making sure that each piece of content and event are relatable to each market.

We also take pride in being great listeners and problem solvers who are able to dissect issues and quickly come up with solutions. The supportive nature of the team is key to our success. As marketers, we need to handle all types of information. And when you know your teammates are more than happy to help you brainstorm solutions, you feel more confident in taking on anything thrown your way.

But at the end of the day, our marketing team is on a mission to make Channable the authority in the e-commerce space. And our goal is to show customers how they can get the most value out of the Channable products in their tech stack.

How do we do this in a nutshell? We guide our audience through a funnel:

Awareness: We make our brand known to our audience through campaigns, content, events, advertising

Consideration: We influence the purchase consideration by showcasing expert guides, white papers, studies, and insight reports

Decision: We support the Sales team in influencing buyer decision-making and closing deals

Delight: We support our Customer Success team with content that helps with the post-purchase experience, upselling, reselling, and cross-selling

And we do all of this in a cross-collaborative way.

Celebrating our team’s diversity

Two heads are better than one, and for many companies trying to solve problems or get inspired, the more heads the better. Building a great company (and department) requires a lot of ingredients, but ultimately, it involves working with great people and creating an environment where they’re able to do great work.

That’s why working cross-collaboratively has become an essential part of our team processes because it helps us accomplish two things at once: it generates clever and innovative ideas, and it encourages collaboration along the way.

To achieve this level of creativity, we’re proud to share that our marketing team alone is made up of 26 team members from 16 different countries. And we’re still hiring!

There’s a fascinating correlation between being exposed to other cultures and creativity. Curious why? An HBR article talks about "why a culture conducive to innovation is not only good for a company’s bottom line but is also something that both leaders and employees value in their organizations.”

On this topic, Gisele Medeiros, our Team Lead Country Marketing, shared: “I'm in love with Channable. Our diversity is the heart of the working experience. My direct team is literally a world tour: 10 people, 10 nationalities, and 8 languages. I learn a lot every day only by working close to this cultural explosion. Besides that, everyone is hands-on, always willing to collaborate. I feel that we are creating something really great together.”

Evolving our brand

As Channable keeps growing (we’re now at almost 200 employees and we just raised a €55M Series B investment in February 2022), it’s only natural that the brand grows with it. This is why we’ve been putting together a clear framework on who we are and what we stand for to create a design system that’s evergrowing.

For us, a brand is not a singular design element, font, color, illustration style, or logo. Rather, it’s a system of interconnected elements that showcase how we look, feel, and act – and the combination to create a consistent, recognizable, unified personality that stands out.

As a company, we’re young, dynamic, diverse, personable and we take pride in working with more than 30 nationalities. So it’s only natural that we want to create a vibrant brand inspired by our ethos and connected to real people: the Channable people.

The Channable brand is one of our most valuable assets, and we want to use it consistently and with impact. Our brand is expressed in many different ways – our behavior, our culture, our platform, our communications, our design, our code, and our events.

As Pedro Sousa, our Senior Creative Designer, says “There are multiple players in the market, but hardly any brand differentiation at all. Channable offers a unique service that empowers its users to operate in the e-commerce landscape with a single platform, and our brand needs to reflect that with a powerful, vibrant, and flexible visual identity."

We know from first-hand experiences that as the online world gets noisier and filled with companies jostling for your attention, in the end, it’s the authentic, personal brands that form real loyalty. So stay tuned on the blog for what’s to come!
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Content with our content

We may be still building our brand and content strategy blocks, but we’re here to share that we’re not building a place where we just talk about ourselves.

Instead, we want it to be the place where you can learn how to get the most out of our products, whether that’s finding out what features we’ve shipped recently to help you increase your campaigns’ performance using analytical insights and grow your business, or find out about the decisions that went into our recently released features.

We’ll also be sharing lots of best practices – not just from the Channable team but stories of how our customers and partners are innovatively using our product and, and putting the spotlight on e-commerce leaders and their insights and frameworks on creating and optimizing their ad campaigns.

Committing to continual improvement

We’ve always been hard at work to engage with the community but we’re excited to make 2022 the year of improvement. We’re a team of experts working together to create experiences that help you think, do, and learn something new. If you have any ideas or topics you’d like us to cover, we’d love to hear from you at

This is the first article in a series featuring our departments.

Want to get to know our other teams better? Check out our Instagram for more insights into the teams that make Channable run!

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