Young company supports young artists

May 19, 2021

As a young company, Channable emphasizes the promotion of local Utrecht initiatives. Channable has therefore taken steps to cooperate with the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht by hanging the works of young artists on the walls of our historic building on the Drift in Utrecht.

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Young company supports young artists

Recognize, encourage and appreciate

It can be difficult for young artists to start a career and gain visibility. That’s why Channable wants to offer a platform with this initiative. Channable has opted for a collaboration with the Fine Art course at the HKU. Hanging the works from this creative resource in Utrecht makes Channable proud.

New in old

At the HKU, the students of the Fine Art program learn to develop ideas, translate them into visual work and display their own style. In January 2018, Channable started a project to alternately hang the artwork of Fine Art students in its offices. This gives the third-year students an opportunity to display their art on the walls of a beautiful old building in the center of Utrecht. Consequently, the employees and visitors of Channable can enjoy the creations from the latest art generation from Utrecht. The art pieces are on loan to Channable, which means the student is financially compensated for their decorative contribution to the Channable office.

Introducing the latest artist

First up is Robin Speijer. She caught our eye with the special details she incorporates into her paintings.

laces robin speijer
Robin Speijer. Laces, 2017.

"I am fascinated by details and I paint different textures enlarged on canvas or panel. Soft materials, such as hair and textiles, are often the subject of my paintings. During my process, I collect many photographs from which I make a selection and frame a detail. I search for certain combinations of colors, light, contrast, and levels of sharpness. I then make a series of paintings in which I depict the material in various ways."

You can view more of Robin's work here:

The second young talent is Bas Heinen. Bas has been drawing since childhood and was 21 when his art was chosen for the Channable office. In order to be able to work more with contrasts and colors, he started painting and in 2015, he started the Fine Arts course at the HKU.

Blue morning Bas Heinen
Bas Heinen. Blue, Morning, 2018

"I am interested in depicting the environment with an emphasis on nature. In my paintings, the focus is on creating a serene representation of my impressions on canvas. The works exhibited at Channable offer a moment of peace in the hectic lives of the Channable team. During the painting process, I examine various ways in which nature can be depicted. In each series, I try to work with light, contrast, and depth in different ways, to convey the atmosphere as accurately as possible."

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