Make your life easier with Channable

Manage data feeds, automate PPC campaigns, and attract new customers all with one simple-to-use tool.

Easily manage your feeds

Create qualitative feeds and manage your items on more than 2500 different price comparison websites, affiliate networks, and marketplaces. Instantly generate product categories, apply powerful rules to filter and modify each product, use the built-in quality check to optimize each feed, and more in one simple-to-use feed management tool.

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Control all your ads on one platform

Channable’s PPC tool lets you create and automate your search and shopping campaigns based on your data feed. Use powerful rules to build a campaign structure, ads, sitelinks, and keywords. Our simple-to-use tool saves you time and gives you full control over your Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising campaigns.

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Connect your online shop to marketplaces

Channable’s integrated API connections enable you to push product listings to all major marketplaces. With an order connection, everything is in real-time. Meaning you don’t have to wait for scheduled updates to receive your orders. Your product data will be automatically updated and you’ll receive immediate feedback from the marketplace highlighting errors.

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Over 6500 companies use Channable for growth

We chose Channable over alternatives because Channable excels in functionality, user-friendliness, and account management.

Oscar Diele

COO @ Flinders

Tailored solutions

Feed management

Increase your online exposure by creating simple-to-manage product data feeds optimized for over 2500 comparison websites, affiliate platforms, and marketplaces.

PPC Tool

Easily automate Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) with rules and dynamic variable fields for ultimate quality scores and performance.

Marketplace Integrator

Easily connect via our apps or plugins or import any type of file including XML, CSV and Google Spreadsheets.

Why choose Channable?

Product feed managerGain more exposure for your products on more than 2500 price comparison websites, affiliates, or marketplaces worldwide.
Online marketplacesChannable offers deep-integration to marketplaces, which automatically updates your product ads on various marketplaces.
Integrated analyticsSimple and quick integration of Google Analytics to your Channable account will let you analyze the performance data of your products.
Channable's PPC toolEasily create dynamic ads based on the items in your product feed that automatically stay in sync with your inventory changes.
Order connectionsChannable’s order connections allow you to sync order data from many different marketplaces straight to your online shop.
eCommerce pluginsEasily connect via our apps or plugins or import any type of file including XML, CSV and Google Spreadsheets.