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CJ Affiliate by Conversant is an international affiliate network based in Santa Barbara, California. They have more than 3,000 clients worldwide and export to many different branch-specific platforms.


Advertise your webshop products with CJ Affiliate

With CJ Affiliate you can reach customers on a diverse range of websites through display ads. CJ started in 1998 in the US and has grown into an international affiliate. Channable supports the CJ exports for the following countries: Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain, United States, Finland, Norway, Sweden, France, Denmark and Hong Kong.

Advantages of advertising on CJ Affiliate

  • Cross Device Solution

  • Different advertisement possibilities: coupon/deal, email marketing, loyalty/rewards, mobile/tablet application, CPA, search, price comparison, social shopping, content/niche, service/tools

  • International platform

  • Started in 1998

How do I get my items on CJ Affiliate?

  1. Create a Channable account Creating an account takes seconds, just sign up with your name and email address.

  2. Import your product feed The Channable tool supports CSV, XML, Google Spreadsheets and Text files. In addition, 3rd party connections to eCommerce platforms are also available. Just select the method you would like to import your product feed with. If you have a different type of file, don’t worry, just contact us and we’ll arrange something.

  3. Add a CJ Affiliate feed In order to advertise your products on CJ Affiliate, first you have to add CJ Affiliate as a channel. Don’t worry it’s very easy! To do that just head over to the ‘Feeds’ tab and click on ‘add new feed’.

  4. Categorize your products CJ Affiliate’s categories are already implemented within Channable. You can easily match your own categories to the categories of CJ Affiliate to make sure your products appear in the right category on CJ Affiliate.

  5. Create rules to optimize your ads for CJ Affiliate After you have added CJ Affiliate as a feed, the next step involves creating rules to optimize your feed for the best results possible. This involves using our IF THEN statements, which we designed to simplify this step. Use these rules to create the perfect feed. You can do almost anything, for instance, excluding the products that are out of stock so they will not show up online and much more.

  6. Finalize The ‘Finalize’ step of the optimization is designed so that you can look over the data fields that should be filled and select the info that should occupy each field. This feature really helps with customizing and creating the best product feed for CJ Affiliate. After you have completed all the steps just press ‘run now’. After activating the feed, you can copy the optimized feed as a URL from the ‘Preview’ step and send it to CJ Affiliate.

  7. Start earning & celebrate your success Sit back and watch your sales increase.

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