Crear catálogo is a website for classified ads, new goods and used goods. On it is possible to reach a specific target group at a very competitive price. Advertising within specific areas of interest (channels) or targeting a specific target group are just a few examples of how to reach your potential customers. You can advertise anything from Antiques or Cameras or Jobs & Services to Toys. Almost all categories are possible!


With 3.2 million unique visitors on (1.8 million) and (1.4 million), you have the chance to promote your products to thousands of potential clients.

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Advantages - Why advertise on

  • Your online ad is shown in the relevant results context and will always be visible within the results list, amongst the customers advertisements

  • No unexpected costs, you only pay when your ad is clicked on

  • More visitors to your webshop with a direct link

  • If you wish, you can automatically add your advertisements to Admarkt via a partner like Channable

Your products on

Your ads will be shown in the search results with a picture, the title and the price. If someone clicks on your ad they will get more information such as: your contact information, the link to your website and a description of the product.

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For more information about sending your goods to please visit:

You can find the new API in the Channable Tool under “Marketplaces” > “+ Add a new connection” > “2dehands Admarkt”.

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