Bing Ads tool

Bing Ads tool

Construct campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords and negative keywords.

Channable introduces ad templates, to simplify and speed up the creation of ads. The ad templates are based on expanded text ads with character count and back up templates. Use variable fields and static text to exactly generate the ads you want. By using our business rules you can easily optimize data specifically for ads or keywords and you can set up rules to automatically pause ads based on e.g. availability, brand, EANs. This way the ad generator automatically stays in sync with your inventory changes. As soon as a product is sold out the ad is paused until the product comes back in stock, ensuring no accumulation of extra costs.

Text ads

With the dynamic fields and keywords in Channable’s templates you can easily generate ads that match your needs. Our Bing Ads tool allows you to select your target country and language. This feature is designed to make sure your ads reach only your target audience. Based on direct feedback from Bing, you can instantly solve any errors, and optimize your campaigns to perform even better.
SEA-Tool Textanzeigen generieren

Easily copy your campaigns

Maybe you’re used to copying your campaigns, ads and settings from your Google Ads campaigns with the daily synchronization that Bing offers in it’s backend. Good news: you can do the same in Channable. So if you’re already successfully generating campaigns for Google Ads, easily copy these settings to your Bing Ads within Channable and start advertising there as well. Next to that, you can set up specific Bing campaigns and ads.
SEA-Tool für Google und Bing

Execute long tail ads

To specifically target individual product searches, create long tail product ad groups and ads with Channable. Our Bing Ads tool allows for this process to be automated without sacrificing personalized ads. Furthermore, you can input keywords, negative keywords, tracking and set up default targeting settings.

Generate in Channable, manage in Bing

The Bing Ads tool enables you to create thousands of dynamic ads for Bing Ads based on the items included in your data feed. Channable uses rule based actions and dynamic variable fields in Bing Ads optimizations, for ultimate data usability and performance. After generating your campaigns using our Bing Ads tool, you can still manage all other aspects in Bing Ads using your own tools.
Créez un template d'annonces avec Channable
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Filter your products

Channable provides you with powerful rule based actions with which you can filter your products on numerous criteria. Using a product feed manager to filter your products can significantly increase your channel effectiveness and efficiency.
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Hundreds of channels worldwide

With Channable you can export your products to hundreds of comparison sites, affiliates, marketplaces and generate dynamic Bing campaigns to target customers worldwide. If we do not yet have your channel of choice, just let us know!
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Performance based optimization

eCommerce Analytics provide you with the data needed to effectively optimize your product feed. Link you Google Analytics to Channable and view your product data in our interface. Gather data, optimize eCommerce performance and Bing optimization all in one place.
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Scheduled data update every day

Updating your product information daily assures that your product data is up to date and accurate for your Bing campaigns. Channable automatically updates your product feed every day at a time suitable for you.
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Dashboard overview

A simple and tastefully designed dashboard displays the most vital data for your operations. View your imported products, export channels, analytics data and order tracking.
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Free support

We believe in assisting our clients in every step of the way. Our trained experts are here to answer all your questions free of charge. Having trouble setting up your Bing campaigns? Just contact us.

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