What plan is right for me?

Channable stands by transparent pricing for every size need. To help you find where you fit, we have created an overview of our different plans, including our brand new, Standard plan! With just a few quick questions you can ask yourself, “what plan fits my needs best?” Read on to find out about all their advantages and to choose which one can help you gain more control over your account and performance.

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Channable is happy to announce the launch of our new ‘Standard’ plan to complement the ‘Starter’ and ‘Professional’ options! But, why?

After speaking with our customers and gathering their feedback, we heard the top priority for both marketing agencies and advertisers was to have more control over their accounts. This is how the idea to develop a new plan in-between ‘Starter’ and ‘Professional’ came to life.

What’s included in each plan?

Starter plan Standard plan Professional plan
Channable feeds Channable feeds Channable feeds
API marketplaces API marketplaces API marketplaces
X Channable Analytics Channable Analytics
X Advanced user roles Advanced user roles
X Advanced notifications Advanced notifications
X X PPC & Shopping ads

Where the Standard plan fits

Let’s say you’re currently using Channable on a Starter plan. While this is perfect for customers who are rather new to the feed management world and/or don’t own vast product catalogs, we believe many of our customers need more advanced functionalities to grow and reach their goals. This is exactly where the Standard plan comes into play.

With the new Standard plan, take full control of your Channable account and gain access to the following new features:

- Project-specific notifications on company AND project level
Until now, you could only receive notifications on a company level about either errors or orders. Now, you can also configure this on a project level and get notified about imports, feeds, APIs, orders, and PPC information! This will help you get a better overview of what’s happening in each of your projects individually and as a team.

- Advanced user roles
We’ve added two new types of user roles in the tool! On top of the already existing owner, employee, and collaborator roles, you can now choose read-only and set-up only. With read-only, a user will be able to view all information and settings but cannot make any changes. With set-up only, a user can set up new channels with access to all rules and categories, but can’t activate or deactivate channels, create projects, delete exports, modify imports or change any settings. This is specifically useful if you’re part of a big marketing team or agency.

- Analytics overview
As of May 5th, our Analytics feature is no longer available in the Starter plan. If you were previously using it, you will still be able to continue enjoying its benefits, but without the possibility to create new dashboards. If you want to unlock the full potential of our Analytics functionality and add value to your overall online marketing strategy, then the Standard plan is for you! With more data on how your products perform on different channels, you’ll be able to refine your marketing strategy and reduce marketing spend.

How much does the Standard plan cost?

The Standard plan costs 50% more than the Starter plan. For example, if you have a Large Business package, the Standard plan will cost you €149 per month. If you have an XL Business package, then it will cost you €224 per month.

Are you also convinced that our new Standard plan is just what you need? Fill in the form below to start getting full control of your Channable account and add more overview to your marketing strategy: