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How does it work exactly?

1 Start your project

Are you ready for take off? Start a new project in Channable and the tool will guide you step-by-step through the process of publishing your datafeed to one or multiple channels.

Create your specialized feeds for any channel with Channable.

2 Import any datafeed

Now you have started your project, it’s time to choose what kind of datafeed you want to import. Whether it is a CSV file, an RSS feed or an XML feed, we import it all. And if the type of file is not yet available in Channable, then we’ll just add it for you.

Not really sure how to get the data from your webshop? Channable will help you with a guide for all of the most-used e-commerce software such as Magento, Shopify or PrestaShop. And if you need help, our experts are always available to help you out.

3 Automatic mapping

After importing your datafeed, Channable will automatically map all fields that can be derived from the feed. And when it’s not recognized as one of the standard fields, you’re asked whether you would like to add the fields as a custom field.

Now that you’ve added your first datafeed and the mapping is complete, you can either start working on this datafeed to optimize it or add another productfeed in order to merge it. As you go to the next step, Channable will continue the download of the datafeed in the background.

4 View all products in your data stream

Channable will show your products in a list with some key fields. With an advanced search function, it enables you to get a better insight in all data of your products. And of course, any product is clickable to view all the information about this specific item.

With a good overview of all your products, you’re ready to get your products out there!

5 Add channels

In the “Export” tab you are able to add any affiliate or comparison website, such as Google Shopping, Shopping.com or Amazon. Just choose a channel from the list and fill out the specific details that are asked.

Just repeat this step for each channel that you want to export your products to.

6 Easily perform powerful operations

After adding a channel, you are able to perform any kind of complex operations on your datafeed by using a simple and user-friendly interface. This way you can filter your products on, for example, price or available sizes before you send it to a specific channel. You might even want to assign a "sale" label to a certain product group or change titles that have too many characters.

With easy-to-understand if-then statements you can set up an unlimited number of operations and that will be repeated every run. You can now create your perfect datafeed!

7 Get instant feedback

After saving a certain operator, Channable gives you instant feedback on that operation by showing the amount of products that are affected as well as a direct link to a list of these products.

Another feature to help you improve your feed is the acceptance rate that is shown for the channel that you chose. Channable will deduct all constraints from this channel and check whether the final export feed complies to these rules. For example, titles in a Google Shopping feed should not be longer than 70 characters.

8 Monitor all statistics

Now that you have exported your products, Channable will provide you with online statistics about your product feed. Massive changes in your product feed due to unexpected events are now easily noted. By showing the amount of exported products each day for each channel, you can clearly see if changes in your input data feed have led to changes in the pending export feeds. Channable will even provide you with information about the specific errors and warnings in order to solve these errors easily and quickly.