Top 7 reasons why Google Shopping feeds fail and how to fix them!

Channable and Store Growers have joined forces in this exclusive knowledge session. To share the top 7 reasons why Google Shopping feeds fail and how you can fix them based on experience and successful examples.

You’ve uploaded, what you thought was, a perfect feed into Google Shopping, but you receive a disheartening multitude of errors. What do they mean? Why are they there? You thought you followed the structure, but the Google help center is hard to navigate through. Whatever you do, do not just exclude any erroneous products! Tune into Channable and Store Growers’s knowledge session to hear why Google Shopping feeds typically fail and how you can fix them based on experience and successful examples.

The 7 reasons were identified by Google for Channable to help Channable users start with Google Shopping faster and smoother. Dennis from Store Growers brings invaluable examples of how his clients saw a significant increase in their Google Shopping performance after fixing these errors together.

After seeing this knowledge session, you will have learned fast but effective ways to fix your Google Shopping errors and good reasons as to why!

During this special knowledge session, the following points will be discussed:

  • The top 7 reasons why Google Shopping feeds fail
  • Why it’s important to send fix erroneous information for Google
  • Examples from Store Growers’s client’s of how fixing errors can lead to significant sales growth
  • How to fix the errors yourself in no time

About the presenters:

Dennis Moons
Dennis is the founder of Store Growers. He’s an ecommerce PPC expert from Belgium and has been running Google Ads campaigns for over 8 years. During this time, he has managed more than $3.5 million in ad spend for his own businesses and those of clients.


Senni Whitaker
Having moved from the UK to the Netherlands to pursue a more international experience, Senni found her place in the international team at Channable. Being the UK marketing representative for Channable has enabled Senni to work with a wide variety of cultures and skills to raise awareness of affordable, DIY, data feed optimization.


About Channable
Channable is a data feed management tool for online marketing agencies and advertisers. The all-in-one tool includes many features such as data feed optimization, product listings for marketplaces, order connections, generating dynamic text ads, and an Analytics connection. Just import your items with a feed, API or one of our eCommerce plugins. You can even combine multiple data sources from different systems. Take advantage of our international expertise to advertise anywhere.

About Store Growers
Store Growers is the place to learn how to use Google Ads effectively for your online store. They take what they learn from their own accounts or those of their clients and turn that expertise into articles, videos, and courses. These guide you all the way from setting up your first campaign to optimizing and scaling your campaigns to become a reliable sales channel to your business.