Tool changes: More clarity on orders

June 04, 2018

If you use our order connection feature to simplify managing your orders from marketplaces, then we have good news for you!

Channable order information

We made the order process even easier for you by adding two informative emails to our system: one for test orders and one for time-outs. These will inform you clearly on what kind of action we expect you to take in those instances.

Test order email:

The test order email is triggered when we send a test order from our tool. It instructs you to NOT ship that order and instead cancel it. Here is what it will look like:

test order Channable

Time-out email:

The time-out email will tell you what to do when Channable receives a timeout while sending an order. It will look like this:

Timeout email Channable

Nathalie van der Linden
Internal communication & HR