Channable as your feed management partner

Let Channable take care of the barriers between your platform, and the revenue. Partner with us, and we will take care of the product data feeds your clients are sending to your platform.

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Here we can explain what's in it for them and what the criteria are to become a channable partner

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UpsellWould you like your customer success teams to focus on relationships with customers and upsell opportunities, rather than the maintenance of XMLs and
RevenueWould you like your development teams to focus on the features bringing in the next big revenue stream, rather than replacing “commas” in the prices with “dots” in the feeds provided by your clients?
Core offeringWould you like your support teams to help your clients with your core offering, rather than explaining what piece of product information is mandatory or optional to be provided?

Channable is the trusted partner for thousands of advertisers, agencies, merchants to manage their product data feeds in a reliable and scalable manner. Every day, we send billions of products to hundreds of top performing advertising / eCommerce platforms for our clients, providing a great value to our clients’ digital operations.

How we can help

Control and visually communicate your feed specification

With Channable, you can visually communicate your latest feed specification to your clients easily. With mandatory, recommended and optional fields colored differently, and with tooltips / accepted values you can provide, it turns into just another step in campaign management, rather than a tedious, overly technical step for your clients.

Powerful rules for your clients to prepare and enrich their feed for better ROI

With Channable, marketers can easily enrich product titles, descriptions and literally any field to improve performance. Missing a field in the original import? No problem; new fields can be added simply with a single click. Removing a certain category of items from the catalog? All can be done with just a couple or rules & clicks.

Instant feedback on feed quality, and errors before they happen in your platform

One thing we all hate? Having to do it all over again. Channable provides instant feedback on what is missing in the feed, and the actual errors - so the marketers can get their work done in one session, rather than having to wait for the feed to be uploaded and processed to get feedback on it.

A few more benefits

An entire support organization, JUST for feed management

Profitability is a big topic, and maintaining a support team to troubleshoot issues regarding feed management is usually not an option. With Channable as your partner, your clients will gain immediate access to free email and phone support in languages like English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian - dedicated only to feed management.

Your developers are able to spend more time on your core product

Your developers should spend their time developing features to bring more revenue in, rather than fixing product data feed hiccups. We think about a great user experience when it comes to feed management, we think about what rules make sense for creating top notch product catalogs, we think about how teams could work better coordinated with a great user interface.

Top servers, efficient algorithms; Channable is fffffast

You don’t have to allocate your limited resources to tasks outside your core activity. No hiccups, no excuses. It only takes 10 minutes to bring a product list of 1 million items* (yes, the one with 6 zeros) into Channable and even much less for smaller lists. How long is your clients’ coffee commute? Their product import will be done before they are back at their desks.