Multi-user Feature

May 08, 2017

The multi-user feature we recently introduced is a great way to share your projects with multiple users and collectively manage your feed marketing. This new feature is designed to greatly simplify the collaboration of larger teams on shared projects. This is very convenient as every user has their personal login details and each user can be assigned with different levels of permissions over the account enabling you to individually decide each user’s role on the project.

Multi-user Feature

How it works

In order to make this feature available for everyone we had to make one simple but significant core change to our platform. This change involved, reconfiguring our account setup to be based on all individual companies instead of all the individual users. This has allowed us to filter accounts on company level. This can be seen in the new drop-down menu, which now consists of companies instead of users. If you have been invited to collaborate on projects from multiple companies you can select, from the drop-down menu, the company account in which you would like to work in.

If you would like to invite other users to take part and contribute to your projects just head over to your company settings where you will see two new tabs. The ‘Users’ tab and the ‘Invites’ tab.

Under the ‘Users’ tab you can see all the users currently part of your company. You have an overview of their name, email address and role. In this tab, the owner of the company can invite other users to join their company or manage the existing users.

When inviting new users, you can select one out of three roles for them. You can choose from owner, employee and collaborator. Each role has various permissions enabled for the user.

  • Owner – has all the privileges over the company, they can access the company, edit company details, view other users and invite/edit users.
  • Employee – users assigned with this role can access the company, edit company details and view other users.
  • Collaborator – this role enables users to access the company and edit company details.

To invite a user, click on the invite button and fill in their email address and role. When you’ve completed this step, they will receive an automatic email invitation consisting of the company name they have been invited by and a link. To complete the invitation, the user needs to click on the link and provide their Channable login credentials. Once they have successfully logged in, the process will be finalized and they will be added to your company.

The second tab, ‘Invites’ is designed to give you a clear overview of all the pending invites you have sent out to individual users. Here, the email of the user along with their assigned role will be displayed, also the option to delete the invite. Once the invite has been accepted it will be removed from the invites list automatically.

Last but not least, it’s important to mention that if you are switching companies the company settings will vary, however your personal account settings will always remain the same. Your own individual settings can only be managed and adjusted by you and no one else.

If you would like to watch our video tutorial click here.

For us our customer feedback is key, if you have any future feature requests please let us know. We truly appreciate our customers’ feedback and satisfaction. Therefore, we are continuously working hard to further improve the usability and functionality of our platform. We hope that many of you will take advantage and enjoy this new feature!

Nathalie van der Linden
Internal communication & HR