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How many wish lists contain your products?

December 02, 2016

As it’s getting colder outside, Christmas lights and donut stalls are tacking over the streets, everyone knows that the holidays are coming. It’s a time of joy, fellowship, food and gifts. But also when the last marketing budgets are spent. How can you perform better this holiday season? If everything is according to plan, you should have been busy with the holiday preparations. However, if you really want to be prepared for the holidays, then go to work on your data feeds!

How many wish lists contain your products?

What is there to do for my datafeed?

Many organizations, offices or marketing departments look to end the year with a bang. Specifically, for the online marketing of leading webstores, this usually means the last parts of the budget will be spent under the pretext of ‘the more I pay, the higher my products will rank in the search results’. Is this actually the case, or are there better and more efficient ways to handle your money? Q4 madness leads to spending more on advertising, but in many cases the desired result is still not accomplished. More money does not always equal better results.

Why exactly now?

December is the month when most purchases are made, so if there is a perfect time to offer your products online, it is now. Previously, people extensively went into town to buy gifts for the holidays, however, now more and more people buy products over the internet. In order to offer their products online, the shops must have a good quality data feed. To some shop owners, this seems to be quite a challenge, especially delivering consistent data to their export channels and manually updating this data can take a lot more additional time. However, if your feed is well organized, you can also offer your products on multiple sites. Instead of pouring more money in the same channel, it might help to be visible in several places at once.

What would be a good channel for the holidays?

As you will probably notice yourself when you celebrate Christmas, many businesses take this opportunity to advertise, for example on the Dutch website For those not familiar with this website: “, for the past 16 years, has been offering consumers the ability to draw names. These names can be drawn without coming together. Through, also wish lists can be exchanged and as part of the excitement, anonymous requests can also be made. More than two million Dutch people use the site and its application. ”
The website also provides the opportunity to leave a wish list for the one who draws your name. A few years ago, the way you would compose this wish list, changed. Initially there was the possibility to supply a list by text, but now you can select from a huge range of gifts (products). This makes it extra easy on the person who pulled the ticket with your name. In order to purchase these gifts, all you have to do is click on the selected gift and then you will be automatically redirected to the relevant shop where the gift can be purchased.

But how exactly can I optimize my datafeed?

Channable provides an online marketing tool designed for marketers and shop owners to easily optimize data feeds. You can offer products from a single source feed on various comparison sites, affiliates and marketplaces. The tool is very simple: you upload the product information via a data feed or API plug-in into Channable and then you can adjust this data, using rules, to comply with the specifications of the desired platform.

“The quality and availability of data feeds on our platform is one of the key success factors for a successful holiday season campaign. Our experience is that merchants can quickly meet and supply their data feed via Channable, to the specifications of our platform.” – Arjan Kuiper Meetrix Online BV, the company behind

Furthermore, you can link with Google Analytics to analyze and optimize the deployed channels using performance data. Also, you can create dynamic Google Adwords campaigns, ad groups and text ads generated using the product. All of these features combined with a user friendly interface and free technical support, make Channable the all-in-one solution for online shops and marketers.

And now?

Now it may be too late to optimize your feed and compete in the holiday season madness. However, you can add this to your list of resolutions for the future. Let the end of summer, the shorter days and hanging ginger nuts in the shops be your wake-up call. That would be the perfect moment to send your feed to

Written by Ilse Goedman
Marketing manager